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24 May

Name: Nyx
Level: One
Card Count/worth: 69/74
Level: 26/100 + 0/0 mastered

Other [gil:126]

Chocobo [Aero]

Collecting (FFVIII & Chocobo)

Maybe (only for Collecting)
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License Board


Time Mage LB


Trade Log

05/23/09 :: Total Cards: 8 + 0 member cards
Updates: shiva01 (1)
Chocobo Concentration: 5gil, comeashore09, locke02 (2)
Blindna5gil, findingyou02, hearme03 (2)
Voice of the Planet: [word1] 1gil, backtoback08 [word 2] 1gil, barretac08 [word3] 1gil, comeashore02 (3)

05/21/09 :: Total Cards: 0 + 0 member cards
Bought a Chocobo [Aero] cost 50gil

05/20/09 :: Total Cards: 48 + 0 member cards
Chocobo Concentration: 5gil, ffta19, vincentac15 (2)
Missing Pieces: materia-command, 10gil, ffx03, zidanevskuja06, callofthecrystal01 (3)
Voice of the Planet: [word1] 1gil, change07 [word 2] 1gil, edge13 [word3] 1gil, yuripa01 (3)
Blindna: 5gil, ffvii06, vegnagun01 (2)
Word of Mouth5gil, squad09, ffta203, luso08 (3)
Confusion Chaos10gil, defense05, rinoa11, gonfishing01 (3)
Hide & Seek10gil, hearme13, edge02 (2)
Moomba’s Mark: 5gil, seifer04, weareasone16 (2)
Magic Mishapsmateria-magic, 10gil, fft15, agrias04, opera05, vagrantstory06 (4)
Teleport Stone OOPS!materia-command, 10gil, 1000nokotoba06, stern01, yuffie03 (3)
Treasure Chests: materia-command, 10gil, ffviii15, nanakiac09, songstress04, fenrir11 (4)
Cloister of Trials: [puzzle1] callofthecrystal09 [puzzle2] shuyin05 [puzzle3] perfect07 [puzzle4] materia-support, materia-magic, 25gil, ffii17, faris06, falsevows08, bearers11, chaos03 (8) 
Crystal Dungeonfirecrystal, materia-support, 25gil, fft16, laguna14, garnetescapes06, fearless13, lastorder07 (5)
ShinRa Dossiermateria-magic, 5gil, sephirothcc01, perfect02 (2)
Song of the Bard5gil, ffv08, lenna09 (2)

05/19/09 :: Joined up! Total Cards: 11 + 0 member cards
Starter Pack: ffviii01, ffviii02, ffviii03, ffxiirw14, ffi12, quistis08, marlene10, timecompression02, promise13, inseparable15, chocobo07, materia-magic x 2, 20 gil (11)


So Magical Log

9 May

* = trades that haven’t been counted as a trader card, just for me (so I don’t lose track)

-Q&A: shemelenolilo01

-Spring 10 Red: cgoofy10, saftertoday09, sscooterchase11, espring1009
-Spring 10 Birth: otherside14, tothefair12, espring1010, espring1011
-Weekly Who Am I?: scaucusrace12
-Beasts Bluff: cnala01, frose17, smaleficentappears02, smanoutofyou03

-Weekly Who am I?: fcloudy15
-John Smiths Joyride: cgrandmotherfa07, cmrincredible01
-Kuzcos Clothes: f200002, sflotsamandjetsam08
-Lewis Lab: foutback02, frobot03
-Peter Pans Puzzle: cmo10, selegantcaptainhook07
-Quasimodos Quotes: ccrikee07, sbeacatre11
-Robin Hoods Relationships: salldogalert03, scourtofmiracles12
-Simbas Scene: sdalmatianplantation10, snotmydog15
-Q&A: sbellere01

-Weekly Who am I?: sbaby07

-Traded Aimee (my cmadammim08, smadmadammim04, sworldgoround07, swizardsduel01, swizardsduel03 for sarielsinlove08, sdestructionofgrotto11, sdestructionofgrotto15, serictotherescue05, shumanagain06 and member cards)
-Mastered sintothewell, strueloveskissre: sintothewell09, serictotherescue03, cmother03, cmowgli04, fpuppet10, freal11, slikeothergirls15, slistenwithheart101, slittleaprilshower02, slittlehercules03

-Donated cking and cprincecharming images: cking04, cprincecharming06, cmo01, cmorgana02, fpresto29, fpride09, slessonone13, slifeisahighway14
-Mastered ciago: cmilo10, fperfect08, slegendofthelamp11, slespoissons12
-Traded Meg (my farcher18, cbaloo03, cbuzz07, fcauldron02 for fbedknob06, fchipmunk26, fdreams16, sintothewell15)
-Traded Joey (my sunderthesea02 for ffrog17 and member cards)
-Master Member 4: strueloveskissre08, salohaoe09, spercysbath14, ssavages105

-Traded Caity (my sworldofmyown03, xprince09 for ciago10, ssomethingthere07, ssomethingthere10 and member cards)
-Traded Jessica (my scantwaittobeking03 for syourworld05 and member cards)
-Traded Becca (my ctantor10, fburne11, sburnedoutvillage06, sfightingforredux12, sheavenslight09, sheavenslight15 for ccarpet09, sbeastssurprise01, sfireworks08, sshark07, sthemobsong15, sthestorm09)

-Received Trader cards Alice in Wonderland T.B., Aristocats for 525 & 550 trades

-Mastered Strueloveskiss: serictotherescue01, cmayor10, fmermaid26, siwonder05, siwontsay06
-Traded Shizumi (my fpuppet09 for sdowntothesea13 and member cards)
-Traded Arianne (my ccruella03, fhunny05, fhunny15, fhunny25, sattherestaurant10, sgoodtoyou12 for fhonor07, shumanagain08, sunderthesea09, ckingtriton03, ckingtriton10, cursula04)

-Mastered crajah, cthemuses, ctod: clumiere08, cma09, cmadamemedusa10, fgroove13, fheadless16, fhome17, shappyending04, shathismarch05, shawaiiancoaster07, shawaiianwarchant08, sheavenslight09, sheffalumpswoozles10
-Traded Kim (my cbianca07, ccrush08, cmrincredible03, sclownsong12, sinfinityandbeyond06, ffly23 for fballoons20, ckuzco03, scaveofwonders06, slegendofthelamp03, sthehunsattack01, sthehunsattack11)
-Traded Birgitte (my slifeisahighway08, srealgone09, xsibling04 for fdreams21, sseemforever03, xlove209)
-Q&A: strueloveskiss04
-Weekly Who Am I?: sbellemeetsbeast03
-Three Good Fairies (turned in florz X4): strueloveskiss07, strueloveskiss09, strueloveskissre06, strueloveskissre10
-Spring 10 Culprit: fantasia10, spots27, espring1006, espring1007
-Spring 10 Mosaic: kaa04, marlin09, espring1008

-Traded Mina (my clady05, ctarzan07, cwoody09, ffind27, ffuture08, fgame05, fpedigree13, ftoy18, ftoy29, sbeinmyheart12, shonortousall02, sstrangethings05, sunderthesea13 for ciago09, ckuzco05, cmegara01, crajah04, salmostthere06, scaveofwonders09, sgospeltruth214, sgospeltruth311, sgospeltruth312, smabelleevangeline04, sseemforever01, sseemforever04, sthehunsattack14)
-Traded Enni (my cflower08, cphillip10 for chera07, cthemuses06)
-100 Acre Woods: fgame20, sunderthesea02, sstrangerslikeme02
-Three Good Fairies (turned in flora X2): ctod03, cthemuses01

-Traded Pil-P (my fpedigree06, fslipper13, sbattlewithevil07, sbellanotte15, sdevilindisguise08 for fballoons30, ffrog07, salmostthere08, sdigalittledeeper07, sseemforever05)
-Traded Arianna (my fattack29, cgoob06, fpeach02, fpeach14, skronksmission11, fchipmunk02 for ccarpet03, cmaurice02, cmegara04, slegendofthelamp11, slegendofthelamp14, sseemforever12)

-Three Good Fairies (turned in fauna X5): xrodent02, xsetting03, xf03, xg04, xn05
-Traded Corbin (my xadversary08, xequine03, xf01, sbluddleuddle10, smenwillfly10, fapple11 for cmegara06, fballoons27, ffrog08, ffrog27, salmostthere03, sdigalittledeeper06, smabelleevangeline12, sotherside05, strueloveskissre12)
-Received Trader Card 101 Dalmations, Lilo and Stitch for 450 & 475 trades
-Traded Andrea (my cjohnsmith10, cpeterpan10, cterk01 for sdigalittledeeper08, sgospeltruth308, sgospeltruth313)
-Traded Kristi (my saguylikeyou15, sgodhelptheoutcasts14, shumiliation06 for sgospeltruth204, fhonor17, ffrog28)
-Traded Kearin (my sdestructionofgrotto01, sshark03, cmermaids07, ffantasia13, fjungle27, foutcast10, froar05, froar21, sarielsinlove15, sathenassong11, sathenassong15, sflotsamandjetsam14, siwillsing14 for ciago01, fchipmunk03, ffrog15, ffrog22, ffrog30, fhonor02, fhonor22, sgospeltruth202, sgospeltruth205, sgospeltruth209, sotherside07, sotherside08, strueloveskissre01)
-Traded Rhap-chan (my fpride05, fpride09, sperfectworld10, sdamselindistress06 for ssteadydrum09, sseemforever11, sotherside09, slegendofthelamp05)
-Recieved Trader Card Alice in Wonderland for 500 trades

-Birthday Gift: flora x 2, fauna, merryweather
-Mastered Cgus: ctimon07, fbig15, shumanagain05, shumiliation06
-Traded Jamie (my sgofromhere15 for ffrog21)
-Voted: shappyending03, shathismarch04
-Beasts Bluff: cterk01, fattack29, sgothedistancere11, sguiltyaladdin14
-Q&A (from 3/29): cnuka05
-Mini-event Easter: farcher18, fbolt20, fpedigree28
-Q&A: sdowninneworleans01
-Weekly Who Am I?: fbee29
-Alices Analogy: ccarpet08, salmostthere10
-Ariels Aria: slistenwithheart214, ssundayclothes15
-Belles Books: slittlehercules10, spocahontas08, sprologue08
-Cinderellas cleanser: sendsoftheearth12, sheseesyou15, sunderthesea13
-Ladys Location: cflora09, fpedigree06, sbattlewithevil07
-Mulans Memory: ffuture07, slifeisahighway08
-Nalas Nomenclature: cbernard204, cbuzz07, sthisland03
-Vixeys Video: cpocahontas08, froar05
-Write first place: cdjalhi02, frose16, sarabiannights12, sarielsinlove15, flora, merryweather
-Acronym participant: ssecretlab01, seemforever02, sshakehands03
-Agrabah: scolorsofthewind11, sfarewell03, sprincealire03, token-flora
-Andalasia 1: ccarpet04, ccruella03
-Andalasia 2: smylullaby01, sonejumpahead05, sweddingannounce11
-Baker Street: ccarpet06, clady05, sdowntothesea04, token-flora
-Pride Rock: flost01, shesatramp14, sperturbedpixie15, sshark03
-Tulgey Woods: cbianca07, cmrspotts01, sperfectworld10
-Neverland: cfauna06, ftoy29, sbluddleuddle10
-Treasure Planet: sbeourguest04, sbestoffriends06

-Spring 10 Source: givealittlewhistle08, stuckonyou08, espring1004, espring1005
-Spring 10 Flower: cscuttle07, scrystalchamber06, espring1003
-John Smiths Joyride: cpain07, croxanne06
-Kuzcos Clothes: cmermaids07, fchristmas23
-Lewis Lab: fnew19, fpedigree13
-Peter Pans Puzzle: fsea02, sbellanotte15
-Quasimodos Quotes: foutcast10, scaveofwonders14
-Robin Hoods Relationships: cflounder05, sattherestaurant10
-Simbas Scene: fapple11, simstillhere06
-Q&A: cgus08
-Traded Sarah (my fburne12, flifted09, sbellemeetsbeast05, sbellere06, prologue09 for strueloveskiss15, ctod10, sthehunsattack03, stothefair03, stothefair10)
-Traded Deak (my fgroove09 for stothefair12)
-Traded Birgitte (my cmaidmarian09, cprinceedward08, fcars16, ffind26, xsibling03 for cgus06, fchipmunk08, fhonor13, smarketplace02, xlove214)
Donated ffuture08 to Mount Olympus

-Traded Colette (my cbianca08, cmcleach02, foutback22, sgoodcompany14, swhyshouldiworry12, xfeline12 for cthemuses10, cmegara08, cmegara10, ckuzco01, ckuzco02, fchipmunk02, fchipmunk23)
-Traded Andrea (my sonejumpaheadre14, syourworldre02 for fdreams08, sstreeturchins01 and member cards)
-Q&A: fballoons04

-Traded Via (my cwalle01, sdefinedancing15 for slegendofthelamp08, flost04)
-Traded Kristi (my cfrollo09, cremy02 for sgospeltruth314, fchipmunk16)

-Traded Starrarte (my cbianca10, cmadamemedusa07 for fhonor11, sonejumpaheadre03 and member cards)
-Traded Bree (my sgoldenafternoon06 for strueloveskiss08)

-Icon Participant: slittleaprilshower13, sstrangethings05, szerotohero10, token-fauna
-Fantasmic Participant: cbianca08, cjiminycricket02, sbeastsavesbelle05, scaveofwonders07
-Graphics Participant: fnew17, smenwillfly10, sthejourney14, token-fauna
-Acronym Participant: fjourney25, sladytobed04, spussycat15
-Spring 10 Shovel: cmaurice07, espring1001
-Spring 10 Soil: cemile09, ctantor10
-Spring 10 Water: ccrush08, espring1002
-Spring 10 Seeds: forest30, tintoy10
-Alices Analogy: freturn24, spocahontas07
-Belles Book: sapirateslife12, smylullaby07, srealgone09
-Cinderellas cleanser: carista05, cflounder09, sarielsinlove14
-Ladys Location: cpanic07, siwillsing14, sseemforever10
-Nalas Nomenclature: fhalf30, spartyinagrabah02, sunderthesea14
-Vixeys Video: cmaurice05, slistenwithheart212
-Mulans Memory: skidnapsandyclaws01, skronksmission11

-Traded Becca (my frobot06 for cmegara09 and member cards)
-Traded Rhap-Chan (my savemaria06, sfightingforredux07, sgothedistance08, sonejumpahead03, sonejumpahead04, soogieboogiessong05, soogieboogiessong12 for fdreams03, fdreams12, fdreams29, ciago06, cthemuses08, xlove207)
-Traded Kristi (my cattina09, cbuzz08, supendi15, swhatsthis08, fcars18 for fballoons25, fdreams10, fdreams14, fdreams28, ciago08)
-Mastered Cfairygodmother: sgodhelptheoutcasts14, sgofromhere15, fcloudy06, cterk10
-Voted: sfirstdate13, sflotsamandjetsam14

-Received Brotherbear, Hunchback, Nightmare Trader Cards for 350, 375, & 400 trades
-Mount Olympus: sdigalittledeeper04, sdreamisawish08, fcaballeros16, fcars18, cscar09, csebastian10
-Traded Lindsay (my cmrbubbles02, cmayor02, cmayor05, coogieboogie03, sworldofmyown01, fbolt10, fbolt21, fbolt26, fbolt27 for strueloveskiss05, cthemuses04, fchipmunk05, fchipmunk18, fhonor16, fhonor23, chera04, stothefair09, stothefair15)
-Traded Scott (my sdalmatianplantation08, scruelladevil04, cperdita02, fspots02, fspots06, fspots26 for freturn07, sfireworks06, fdreams27, fdreams30, stothefair02, stothefair13)
-Traded Corbin (my carthur10, cmaleficient02, sbeautyandsong14, siwonder08,smenwillfly01, sswordinthestone15, swhistlewhile10, fapple28 for strueloveskissre09, ctod06, fchipmunk24, cmulan02,sbeastletsbellego15, scaveofwonder08, sthekiss14, fdreams07)
-Traded Via (my fnightmare07, sjacksobsession07 for cmegara07, ffrog12 and member cards)
-Beast’s Bluff: cladytremaine09, fpeach02, swizardsduel01, sworldofmyown03
-Received Mulan Trader Card for 425 trades
-Q&A: salmostthere01, sotherside01
-Mastered Event Winter10: cfairygodmother03, flost22, sdamselindistress12, stourofthekingdom04

John Smiths Joyride: chera02, cpain06
-Kuzcos Clothes: shappyending08, siwillsing02
-Lewis Lab: cbaloo03 cmike06
-Peter Pans Puzzle: fpride19, swhatsthis01
-Quasimodos Quotes: fbolt10, sbellemeetsbeast05
-Robin Hoods Relationships: shathismarch05, sperfectisnteasy03
-Simbas Scene: cmilo06, f200029
-Pride Rock: cphillip10, fboundin08, scruelladevil02, sforamoment11
-Q&A: sonejumpaheadre01

-Traded Melissa (my cboo05, fmonster13, fmonster24, sbarkingatthemoon07 for fballoons18, strueloveskiss06, strueloveskissre02, strueloveskissre07)
-Traded Whitters (my fwonderland16 for sthehunsattack09 and member cards)

-Winter 10 Stage 11: sgothedistance08, sguiltyaladdin12, ewinter1014, snowflake
-Winter 10 Snowball fight…
…Started: -1 snowflake
…Snowball Assist: fbelieve13, sdaughtersoftriton15, swaitingforyou13, -1 snowflake
…Snowball Dodge: -1 snowflake
…Snowball Attack: cmrspotts04, sclownsong07, -2 snowflakes
…Snowball Assist: coogieboogie03, fnew28, fnightmare07, -1 snowflake
…Snowball Assist: sblackraincloud05, shellfire07, ssimbaalive07, -1 snowflake
…Snowball Attack: cmike05, fapple28, -2 snowflakes
…Snowball Dodge: caladdin02, froar21, -1 snowflake
…Snowball Attack: cwendy08, fsea01, sbeprepared09, -2 snowflakes

-Winter10 Stage 9: erictotherescue11,ewinter1011, ewinter1012, snowflake
-Winter10 Stage 10: oogieboogiessong12, tourofthekingdom08, ewinter1013, snowflake
-Winter10 Stage 12: cpanic01, ctrusty02, ewinter1015, snowflake
-Very Good Advice: crafiki09, fgroove09, sbarkingatthemoon07, sbellere13, xrodent13
*-Traded Valerie (my cmaleficent10 for satlantissinking08 and member cards)
*-Traded Kelly (my ftinker05 for fhonor03)
*-Traded Annie (my siwontsay11 for fballoons10)
-Q&A: cfairygodmother05

*-Traded Tash (my sthekiss01 for sintothewell14 and member cards)
*-Traded Marieke (my sbedtime10 for cfairygodmother04 and member cards)
-Mastered Sdreamisawishre, Sfirstaid: sfirstaid15, sintothewell04, cmrbubbles02, cmrincredible03, fcars16, fcauldron18, sarabiannightsre11, sastarisborn14, sathenassong15, satlantissinking10
*-Traded Jamie (my suponadream02 for strueloveskissre14 and member cards)
*-Traded Beatrix (my sweareone01, sfairiesdrawnear05 for cthemuses05, fballoons17)
*-Traded Beebee (my fcook17 for strueloveskiss10 and member cards)
*-Traded Kristine (my fbirds22, fattack25, sgoodcompany11 for cfairygodmother08, sintothewell10, sthehunsattack12 and member cards)

*-Traded Justy (my scodysflight01, cbianca204, cwoody05 for xl02, fballoons23 and member cards)

-Mastered Sanimalcalling: sdreamisawishre15, cmeeko09, fattack25, szerotohero09, s12yearslater01
-Leveled up to Illusionist: sdreamisawishre08, sdreamisawishre10, cmayor05, cmcleach06, famigos20, fapple26, syoucanflyre04, syourworld07, xadversary08
-Three Good Fairies (turned in 1 x fauna): xprince09
*-Traded QC (my sjackslament06, sjacksobsession04, sthisishalloween12 for strueloveskiss01, crajah06, sarabiannightsre04)
*-Traded Isabella (my fpride07 for strueloveskiss11)
*-Traded Jersina (my sunderthestars08, smarketplace06, shonortousall01 for cgus02, cthemuses02, fballoons28)
*-Traded Temperance (my cqueennarissa02 for sfirstaid11 and member cards)

-Mastered fgroove, slikeothergirls, ssnipetrap, ssothisislove: slikeothergirls11, slikeothergirls12, ssnipetrap07, sdreamisawishre05, cmadamemedusa07, cmademmim08, cmaidmarian09, cmaleficent10, ftintoy20, ftoy224, fwild28, fwonderland29, swhatisababy07, swhatsthis08, swhenshelovedme09, swhistlewhile10, swhosbeenpainting11, swhyshouldiworry12, swishuponastar13, xj01
-Three Good Fairies (turned in 2 x flora): sanimalcalling02, sanimalcalling09

-Write Participant: chera10, fbee08, ftintoy26, token-fauna
-Write Icera’s choice: token-fauna, token-flora, token-merryweather
-Icon Participant: fmonster13, sawholenewworld09, ssweetnightingale12, token-fauna
-Fantasmic Participant: cmaleficent02, cmike10, cwalle01, ffuture08
-Graphics Participant: fmusic05, sdayinlondon05, strueloveskiss13, token-fauna
-Acronym 3rd Place: sgoodbadugly05, sheighho08, ssecretlab10, token-flora
*-Traded QC (my stopsyturvy13, cscar08 for ssnipetrap11, fballoons26)
*-Traded Kelly (my cariel04, cariel06, cbianca203, cbianca206 for balloons01, intothewell13, sothisislove14, trueloveskissre03)
*-Traded Jay (my ccopper08, cwilbur03 for crajah10, strueloveskiss03)

-Ariels Aria: sbeinmyheart12, sthisishalloween12
-Belles Books: sthehunsattack02, stheleviathan12, stownmeeting07
-Cinderellas cleanser: slittlehercules11, sunfortunatesouls07, ftoy18
-Ladys Location: sfairiesdrawnearre12, shonortousall02, sjafarshour12
-Mulan´s Memory: cbianca10, sfanfare01
-Nalas Nomenclature: ctimon03, fhalf10, fjungle27
-Vixeys Video: ssavedchina02, swestwing05
-Q&A: ssothisislove15
*-Traded Arianna (my ssecretlab14, cwilburr04 for fgroove19, fgroove30)
*-Traded Dysanne (my sthehydra08 for cfairygodmother01 and member cards)

-Mastered Cladytremaine, Stheworksong: ssothisislove13, cbianca204, cbuzz08, ffind27, fflower28, sprincessjasmine06, sprologue09, sraincamedown11, srealgone12
-Three Good Fairies (turned in 4 x fauna): xaves08, xking04, xprincess09, xl04

*-Traded Arianna (my cmcqueen06 for fchipmunk14)
*-Traded Shen (my xlove01, cpumbaa05, crafiki02, frobot05, cnala06, cnala08 for sanimalcalling11, sdreamisawishre14, sfirstaid10, stheworksong04, stheworksong11,  cfairygodmother02, cladytremaine07 and member cards)
*-Traded Eira (my cbeast09 for stheworksong02 and member cards)

*-Traded Jaga (my syourworld03, ctimon02 for stheworksong13, ffrog10 and member cards)
-Master Member: stheworksong10, farcher01, sfriendsarefor09, spartyinagrabah01
-Three Good Fairies (turned in 4 flora): cladytremaine01, cladytremaine05, fgroove11, fgroove18

-Q&A: ffrog01
-Treasure Planet: sjanesdecision07, sjig09
-Pink or Blue: sheffalumpswoozles06, ftintoy01, cremy02, flora, fauna
*-Traded Jersina (my freal29, sthisishalloween14, czero03 for sdreamisawishre06, cgus05, sonejumpaheadre05)
-Blue Group Collect (donated slongago13, sonelasthope08): sdefinedancing15, sdestructionofgrotto01

*-Traded Kristi (my foutcast23, slittlespringsong03, xhero08 for sintothewell03, sintothewell08, cthemuses03, cthemuses09)
-Platinum Mastership: cprinceedward08, fhunny15, sfathomsbelow07, sredmanred04, ssorcerersapprentice07, sthemobsong06, sworldgoround07, token-flora, token-merryweather
-Winter 10 Stage 7: snowflake
-Winter10 Stage 8: fwonderland16, ewinter1009, ewinter1010, snowflake
-100 Acre Wood: sjacksobsession07, cariel06, cqueennarissa02
-Agrabah: sfrustration03, sonadarknight02, sunderthestars08, token-flora
-Andalasia 1: slookingforromance04, sperfectisnteasy09
-Andalasia 2: fbolt21
-Andalasia 3: cattina09, cscar08, fnew05
-Baker Street: cmother07, sathenassong11, soogieboogiessong05, token-flora
-Patch of Heaven: cmrbubbles08, fheadless16, supendi15, cfairygodmother09

-Mastered Sweetnightingale, Ccinderella: ccinderella08, ssothisislove10, cbianca203, cboo05, fsleep12, fslipper13, swishuponastar12, sworldgoround15, sworldofmyown01, xfeline12, xhero13

*-Traded Annie (my cnala02 for strueloveskissre15)
*-Traded Crash (my smaintitles09 for sbaldmountain07)
*-Traded Melissa (my cmeeko05, fstrength01, satlantissinking04, scrystalchamber01, cpegasus01, fbedknob15, sdamselindistress04, sfarewell07, slistenwithheart210, slistenwithheart208 for fgroove14, fgroove21, fgroove29, sanimalcalling01, sfirstaid09, sintothewell02, sintothewell06, sintothewell11, strueloveskiss02, ccinderella02)

-Master Charmed: ssothisislove05, sawakening06, sgreatestgift03, sswordinthestone15, token-fauna

*-Traded Enni (my xking13, xking14, scaseyjunior06, slittleaprilshower09 for cfairygodmother10, crajah07, ssnipetrap09, ssweetnightingale01, xlove206)
-Mini-Event Chinese New Year: cperdita02, fbirds22, ssecondrate11, ssecretlab12
-Voted: cmcleach05, cmcqueen06

-Mount Olympus: cflower08, cfrollo09, fincredible10, fjourney11, smeetthesoundtrack15, smenwillfly01
-Beasts Bluff: cclayton07, fdragon20, sjanesdecision06, sjasminerunsaway07
*-Traded Isabella (my fpride03 for ssnipetrap01)
*-Traded Kearin (my cpenny05, shelivesinyou02, siremember09, xmother13, ckovu10, fgame04 for ccinderella03, sanimalcalling07, ssnipetrap15, ssothisislove01, strueloveskiss12, xlove204)

-Traded Arianna (my ckuzco01, ckuzco04 for sbeautyandthebeast04, sbeautyandthebeast08)
-Traded Crash (my cterk05 for ftwist04)
-Traded Marie (my cesmerelda06, cfrollo07, cquasimodo06 for frose09, sbellere03, sweareone01)
-Received trader card tarzan for 325 trades

-Q&A: fgroove09
-John Smiths Joyride: satlantissinking04, satlantissinking15
-Kuzcos Clothes: fspots06, sbedtime10
-Lewis Lab: cflounder04, cthemuses07
-Peter Pans Puzzle: carthur10, stourofthekingdom05
-Quasimodos Quotes: flost28, suponadream02
-Robin Hoods Relationships: crafiki02, shumanagain03
-Simbas Scene: cmadammim07, sdevilindisguise08
-Winter10 Stage 6: smeetingvidia02, strueloveskissre13, ewinter1008, snowflake

-Traded Macca (my sitsmorning10, shesatramp13 for sothisislove12, ciago08)
-Traded Colette (my ctrusty07, sfriendinmeweezy08, fbelieve15 for xlove210, sintothewell07)

-Q&A: slikeothergirls04

-Traded AJ (my sfirstaid12 for fgroove03 and member cards)

-Traded Deak (my ccruella05 for cfairygodmother07 and member cards)
-Winter10 Stage 3: fchipmunk25, ewinter1003, ewinter1004, snowflake
-Winter10 Stage 4: ckovu10, cmorgana04, ewinter1005,snowflake
-Winter10 Stage 5: crajah09, ewinter1006, ewinter1007, snowflake

-Traded Pil-P (my flamb21, spinkorblue05, suponadreamre10, cflounder03 for sintothewell05, ssnipetrap06, xlove202)
-Traded Tara (my cesmerelda09 for cabu07 and member cards)

-Alices Analogy: sintothewell12, ssnipetrap02, strueloveskissre11
-Ariels Aria: ced03, stourofthekingdom05
-Belles Books: sbeourguest02, sdowntoearth01, sthestorm08
-Cinderellas cleanser: cflounder03, sonejumpahead04, suponadreamre10
-Ladys Location: fapple17, fpeach14, sstreeturchins11
-Mulan´s Memory: fpride09, sonejumpaheadre14, strueloveskiss14
-Nalas Nomenclature: flost10, frobot06, sthisishalloween14
-Vixeys Video: sfalling01, spinkorblue05
-Recieved Hercules trader card for 300 trades
-Traded Jersina (my stellherthetruth02 for sdreamisawishre02)
-Q&A: sfirstaid03

-Traded Anne (my calice09, fbelieve11 for fgroove06, stheworksong14 and member cards)
-Traded Kitty (my smeetthesoundtrack15, cthequeen06, cpongo01 for cgus04, sanimalcalling05, slikeothergirls07)
-Traded Meg (my fglitch21, smaleficentappears01, sawholenewworld15 for  cladytremaine06, sanimalcalling13, sdreamisawishre04 and member cards)
-Traded Crash (my sjanesdecision05, skissthegirl06 for cgus07, sfirstaid08)
-Traded Kim (my salldogalert04, salldogalert06, stothesurface15, fapple08, swizardsduel01, cbagheera03, cbagheera10, clittlejohn06 for fgroove13, cladytremaine04, stheworksong06, xlove208, xlove215, crajah02)

-Mastered Jaq: ccinderella01, czero03, freal29, sjasminerunsaway06, xmagician01

-Mastered Sdreamisawish, Clucifer: ssweetnightingale04, ssweetnightingale06, cwilburr04, cwoody05, foutback22, foutcast23, sintothesunlight08, siremember09, sitsmorning10, xitem10, xg15
-Mastered Sbibbidibobbidiboo: cjaq03, cwilbur03, fnew07, sinfinityandbeyond06, sinorout07, xhero08
-Traded Lindsay (my fsword02 for cladytremaine03)
-Traded Kristi (my xb01 for fgroove07, fgroove10)

Traded Colette (my cangelique02, ctoulouse05, fchristmas03, fjunkyard09 for sbibbidibobbidiboo15, fgroove17, fgroove28, cjaq01)
-Treasure Planet: scrystalchamber01, sdalmatianplantation08
-Traded Mousey (my scontrolyourtemper07, swestwing06, sbeautyandthebeastre14, sbeasttransformation03 for fgroove02, sdreamisawish07, ssothisislove07, ctod08 and member cards)
-Found an Error: sintothewell01
-Traded Kristi (my ctarzan01, fburne22, fcars25 for sfirstaid01, sdreamisawishre12, ccinderella04)
-Traded Chien (my sbestoffriends09 for ssnipetrap13 and member cards)
-Traded Marie (my sjumpinline05, sjustonemistake10, sjustonemistake12, stipanddash13 for fhonor06, fhonor08, flamp27, freturn29)
-Traded Michelle (my sbeautyandthebeast05, sbeautyandthebeast12, fincredible06 for fgroove04, fgroove24, fgroove25 and member cards)
-Traded Isabella (my flamp23 for ssweetnightingale09)
-Neverland: cthemuses04, fheadless04, sgothedistancere06
-Recieved Fox and the Hound trader card for 275 trades
-Leveled up to Divinist: sbibbidibobbidiboo06, sbibbidibobbidiboo08, ctrusty01, cunclemax09, flost13, fmelodytime14, sheffalumpswoozles13, sheighho14, xb01
-Turned in 7 Flora: sdreamisawish04, sdreamisawish03, sdreamisawish01, cjaq08, clucifer07, clucifer06, clucifer03
-Traded Arianna (my flifted27, cmcqueen04, cmushu03, ckuzco10, fsky16 for fballoons02, sfirstaid07, ssnipetrap05, strueloveskissre04, strueloveskissre05)

-Traded Claire (my frose11 for syourworldre08 and member cards)
-Traded Bunny (my sgaston04, cphil01, chades08, cangelique05, fhonor20, fflower17, fchipmunk23, fstrength27 for cgus09, crajah02, fgroove22, sdreamisawishre13, ssothisislove09, ssweetnightingale10, ssweetnightingale14, ssweetnightingale15 and member cards)
-Traded Sam (my czira10, crafiki04, cdopey10, ccopper02 for cjaq10, fgroove15, ssothisislove11, ssweetnightingale12 and member cards)
-Traded Naota (my cmaleficent08, cmike01 for fchipmunk10, fchipmunk17 and member cards)
-Traded JessRaquel (my fjunkyard08, cnala08 for cgus01, fgroove12 and member cards)
-Traded Corbin (my cphillip08 for sprologue08 and member cards)
-Traded Rhap-chan (my cpegasus02, cpegasus03, cpegasus04, cpegasus08, fcook01 for ssnipetrap08, ssothisislove08, stheworksong09, cjaq02, cjaq09)
-Traded Kelly (my fmermaid08, saroundtheriverbend09 for jaq04, sweetnightingale03 and member cards)
-Traded Bree (my fpedigree28, fpedigree30 for fchipmunk06, fchipmunk13 and member cards)
-Traded Annie (my froar28, froar29, selephantgraveyard05, sthisland11, skingsofthepast03 for fgroove23, fgroove27, cgus10, xlove205)
-Recieved Little Mermaid trader card for 250 trades
-Graphics Participant: ctoulouse05, ffind26, ffly23, shesatramp13, stownmeeting09
-Acronym Participant: flifted09, salldogalert06, slittlespringsong07
-Icon Participant: fcaballeros17, fsouth08, sappreciatethelady09, sfairiesdrawnear04, sguiltyaladdin13
-Write 2nd Place: ctarzan01, scircleoflifere04, skissthegirl06, sthekiss01, token-florax2, token-merryweather
-Vaelun (my fattack12, ckovu05, ckovu07 for cfairygodmother06, fgroove26, crajah03 and member cards)
-Q&A: clucifer02
-100 Acre Woods: fflower13, cladytremaine08, ciago03, sthehydra08
-Agrabah: cariel04, flost27, sbeautyandthebeastre08, token-flora
-Andalasia 1: ctrusty07, fbee16
-Andalasia 2: fcook17, fflower01, sbeastletsbellego06, sgoodcompany14
-Baker Street: ciago07, fchristmas22, fspots02, sinfinityandbeyond02, token-flora
-Patch of Heaven: cesmeralda06, frobot05, fwonderland05, token-flora
-Pride Rock: fbee23, fcars25, ffantasia13, frose29, sdaughtersoftriton10
-Tulgey Woods: cathena01, ccopper08, ciago04, sperturbedpixie13

-Traded Birgitte (my cgiselle01, slifeisahighway06, sbeacat13, soodelally06, ssheneverfeltalone12 for sbibbidibobbidiboo07, stheworksong12, ssnipetrap04, cnala02, crajah05 and member cards)
-Traded Macca (my snotmydog12 for sdreamisawish05 and member cards)
-Recieved Princess and the Frog trader card for 225 trades

-December Blue Collect(sbattleonthetower02, sbeastssurprise06): sarabiannightsre08, saroundtheriverbend09
-Beast’s Bluff: cmeeko05, fjunkyard09, stourofthekingdom02, stownmeeting03
-Mastered sgospeltruth1, fslipper, cyzma: sgospeltruth104, sgospeltruth106, sgospeltruth113, sbibbidibobbidiboo05, cmayor02, cmcleach03, cmcqueen04, fhunny05, fincredible06, fjourney07, fjungle08, stodiefor12, stopsyturvy13, stothefair14, stothesurface15, stouchtheground01, xlove211, xmagician12, xmother13
Traded Kishuu (my scaucusrace01, seatme03 for sbellemeetsbeast09, slegendofthelamp12 and member cards)

-Winter10 settings: crajah08, sfirstaid12, ewinter1001,snowflake
-Winter10 match-up: cesmeralda09, cpegasus03, ewinter1002, snowflake
-Master Member: sbibbidibobbidiboo02, fhonor15, fsouth17, sbeacat13
-Voted: fhome04, fhonor05
-Three Good Fairies (Traded in 7 flora): fslipper16, fslipper19, fslipper21, fslipper25, fslipper30, cyzma06, cyzma07
*-Traded Lindsay (my cpocahontas10, saeiou14, sgoldenafternoon14, stransformation05 for ssweetnightinggale02, sdreamisawish11, sdreamisawish13, sdreamisawish15)

-Recieved during X-Mas- Gift04: flora, fauna, merryweather , GiftNyx: (exchanged: fslipper14 for stheworksong05)
-Q&A (21 Dec): fslipper11, fslipper12
-Secret Santa(What I gave: xduo02, xfather15): sfirebirdsuite07, ssweetnightingale13, ssnipetrap12, sbibbidibobbidiboo14, flost10, flost11, fstrength27
-Traded Colette (my cmrspotts08, cslinky02, cwoody04, sbattleonthetower05 for sbibbidibobbidiboo13, ssothisislove04, sgospeltruth114, ssnipetrap10)
-Traded Isabella (my carchimedes03 for fchipmunk29)
-Traded Marie (my cathena09, sthestorm07, sweddingannouncement14, sdestructionofgrotto08, sflotsamandjetsam04, sjig06 for sdreamisawish02, stheworksong03, sanimalcalling04, sawholenewworld15, sthekiss07, fpride20)
-Traded Crash (my sjanesdecision10, strashinthecamp15 for fslipper20, cjaq05)

-Participated in Secret Santa: cmulan09, farcher25
-Traded Diamond (my fdinosaur14, fdinosaur28, fjungle28 for fslipper29, fballoons09, fballoons19)
-Traded Sherry (my fnightmare18 for ccinderella07 and member cards)

-John Smiths Joyride: ffuture08, sfarewell07, sgaston04
-Kuzcos Clothes: ccrikee03, fsky16, sbeautyandsong14
-Lewis Lab: cmaleficent08, cmichael09
-Peter Pans Puzzle: sjacksobsession04, sjanesdecision05
-Quasimodos Quotes: czira10, scircleoflifere13, sfairiesdrawnear05
-Robin Hoods Relationships: sarabiannightsre10, sjackslament06, swizardsduel03
-Simbas Scene: fgroove08, freturn21, siwontsay11
-Traded Kristi (my xhero15 for slikeothergirls05, cyzma10)
-Recieved Up trader card for 200 trades

-Traded Scott (my sladytobed15 for sgospeltruth201 and member cards)
-Neverland: slongago13, fmermaid08, clinguini08, flora
-Treasure Planet: slistenwithheart208, slittleaprilshower09
-Q&A: cpegasus02
-Recieved findingnemo trader card for 175 trades

Traded Kristi (my snotoneofus10 for clucifer05)
-Traded Annie (my scircleoflifere11, sunderthestars06, froar16, froar26 for sdreamisawishre09, ccinderella10, sanimalcalling06, sanimalcalling14)
-Traded Marie (my slandandsea03, fmermaid05, sjig05  for clucifer08, sblossoms09, scaveofwonders07)
-Traded Jay (my cursula08, srescueaidsociety06, sunfortunatesouls01, svanessassong13 for fhonor24, fhonor30, ssnipetrap03, ssnipetrap14)
-Traded Mary (my sawholenewworld02, sawholenewworld11, scaveofwonders10, fframed10 for ccinderella06, sbibbidibobbidiboo12, sfirstaid04, stheworksong15)
-Traded Arianna (my slongago15, szertohero03, fboundin23, ffuture21, ffuture29, froadtrip13, froadtrip27 for cyzma09, ciago05, cpegasus01, fgroove05, sgospeltruth102, sblossoms12, serictotherescue06 and member cards)

-Icon 1st Place: foutback07, fpedigree30, siwannabelikeyou05, snotinnottingham11, sroundingupthistles15, token-florax3, token-merryweather
-Fantasmic Participant: faristocrat02, fstrength17, sgoldenafternoon06, slistenwithheart210, smaintitles09
-Acronym Participant: sbattleonthetower05, sbeautyandthebeast01, stiggers01
-Helped Complete Special Deck: cpumbaa05, cquasimodo06
-100 Acre Woods: sjustonemistake10, calice09, snothingintheworld02, selephantgraveyard05
-Agrabah: cgiselle01, fsea06, sthebattle11, token-flora
-Andalasia 1: sanimalcalling03
-Andalasia 2: syourworldre10
-Andalasia 3: fattack12, sburnedoutvillage06, sgofromherere14, spastoralsymphony13
-Baker Street: flamp23, sfriendlikeme02, stransformation06, syourworldre02, token-flora
-Patch of Heaven: carchimedes03, fbelieve15, fhonor04
-Pride Rock: cmilo09, cphil01, fburne11, siwonder08, slifeisahighway06

-Robin Hoods Relationships: sfriendinmeweezy08, shelivesinyou02, slovewillfindaway02
-Quasimodos Quotes: fpuppet09, sheavenslight15, slongago15
-Peter Pans Puzzle: cyzma02, sonejumpahead03
-Q&A: shellfire08
Traded Drusilla (my fforest18, fjourney27 for ssweetnightingale06, cladytremaine05)
-Beasts Bluff: cgenie06, fgame21, spastoralsymphony12, spercysbath13

-Traded Isabella (my fpedigree03 for fdreams06)
-Voted: scruelladevil04, sdamselindistress06
Treaded Colette (my cmichael04, cslinky09, sredmanred12 for ssweetnightingale05, sdreamisawishre07, cladytremaiine02)
-John Smiths Joyride: fspots26, shonortousall01, strashinthecamp15
-Kuzcos Clothes: fpedigree28, sdowntoearth04, sthisland11
-Simbas Scene: fpride29, ssavages208, sstreeturchins03

-Autumn 09 13-20words: eautumn11, eautumn12, eautumn13, eautumn14, eautumn15, cnala08, cpegasus04, cpenny05, fcauldron02, fchipmunk01, fchristmas03,syourworldre02, szerotohero03, saeiou14, saguylikeyou15, salldogalert04, fauna
Traded Melissa (my xkhearts12 for fballoons08, fapple08)
-Mount Olympus: cterk05, cthequeen06, fmelodytime04, fmermaid05, scircleoflifere11, sclownsong12
-Master Event Autumn09: fslipper06, cdopey10, cmcleach02, sblusteryday14, sthehunsattack08

Traded Jenphi (my cstitch03, farcher21, shousecleaning11, skronksmission08, snutcrackersuite01, suponadreamre11 for ccinderella09, cladytremaine10, clucifer09, sbibbidibobbidiboo03, sfirstaid02, ssweetnightingale11)
-Traded Isabella (my carchimedes02 for ctimon09)
Summer09 Invitations: cbagheera03, fhome08, slittlespringsong03, esummer0913
-Summer09 Seating: cabu10, sprologue06, ssheneverfeltalone12, esummer0914
-Summer09 Party: clilo02, serictotherescue02, smaleficentappears01, esummer0915
-Q&A: stheworksong01
Master Event Summer09: fslipper05, cgoob06, froadtrip13, snutcrackersuite10, ssavages113

-Traded Marie (my fmermaid10, serictotherescue01, serictotherescue02, serictotherescue03 for slikeothergirls03, ssothisislove02, ssweetnightingale07, stheworksong08)
-Traded Jersina (my xfeline08, ssallyssong06, ssallyssong12 for ccinderella05, clucifer10, ssothisislove06, stheworksong07 and member cards)
Recieved Trader Card Cinderella for 150 trades (stopping at Jersina’s xfeline08)
-Traded Alyssa (my fmonster18 for fslipper09 and member cards)
-Traded Jay (my foutback03, ffriends 19 for fslipper10, sbellere08 and member cards)

-Leveled up to Summoner: fslipper02, fslipper03, cathena09, cbagheera10, flifted12, ftune09, smexico11, smindovermatter12, xlove201
-Traded Enni (my fpuppet25, sgivealittlewhistle04, simwishing02, sivegotnostrings09, sprincewillcomere05, sstrangerslikeme06 for cgus03, cjaq06, cladytremaine09, fballoons06, sdreamisawish10, sdreamisawishre11)

-Mastered Cgiselle, Cprinceedward: cprinceedward10, fslipper01, cangelique05, carchimedes02, flifted09, ftinker05, slovewillfindaway03, smadmadammim04, xfeline08, xkhearts12
Traded Kristi (my xa13, xadversary14, xhero04 for sbibbidibobbidiboo09, ssothisislove03, slikeothergirls08, slikeothergirls13, sfirstaid06, sfirstaid13)
-Traded Pil-P (my ffind03, ffind22, ffind26, froadtrip01 for sanimalcalling12, slikeothergirls02, clucifer01, clucifer04)
-Traded Isabella (my siwonder04 for fslipper28)

-Ariel’s Grotto: Donated sattackatthewall12 for slittlespringsong09, fburne12, cwilburr09
Traded Reno (my cgenie06, sendsoftheearth08 for cprinceedward07, slikeothergirls10 and member cards)
Master Member 01: cgiselle07, sanimalcalling15, sbellemeetsbeast13, sthehunsattack07
Traded Melissa (my chercules09, cmegara02, cmegara03, flost22, sdefinedancing11, ckronk08, cwilburr09, cnemo05, fincredible26 for xlove06, cjaq07, ctod01, fslipper04, fslipper13, sdreamisawish08, sdreamisawish12, sdreamisawishre03 and member cards)
-Traded QC (my fspots30, ffantasia16, f200006, f200013 for sanimalcalling10, sdreamisawishre01, sfirstaid05, fballoons05)
-Traded Rhap-Chan (my fflower12, sblossoms01, sblossom10, sblossoms13, sblossoms14, sblossoms15, sgirlworthfightingfor03, skronksmission15, ssideofpotatoes13 for fslipper15, fslipper17, fslipper22, fslipper24, sbibbidibobbidiboo01, sbibbidibobbidiboo04, sdreamisawish06, sdreamisawish09, sdreamisawish14)
-Recieved Trader Card Beauty and the Beast for 125 trades (stopping at Rhap-Chan’s trade sgirlworthfightingfor03)

-Mastered ckronk and cqueennarissa: cgiselle02, cgiselle03, cphillip08, cpinochhio09, fhunny25, fincredible26, sgofromherere08, sgoodbadugly10, xequine03, xsibling04
-Leveled up to Sorcerer: cgiselle05, cgiselle10, cpocahontas10, cpongo01, fjourney27, fjungle28, sgoodcompany11, sgoodtoyou12, xking14
Traded Elin (my cgaston06, sbellere14, chercules05 for sgospeltruth101, slikeothergirls01, slikeothergirls15 and member cards)
-Mini-event Thanksgiving: fburne22, flifted27, sanimalcalling08, sfirstaid14, token-flora, token-merryweather
-Alice´s Analogy: crajah01, fboundin23, sfirstaid12
-Ariel´s Aria: cursula08, fballoons03
-Belle´s Books: cmrspotts08, ffantasia16, fgame05, frescue30
-Cinderella´s cleanser: fmonster24, sthestorm07
-Lady´s Location: savemaria06, ssideofpotatoes13, sworldgoround07
-Mulan´s Memory: cmichael04, sdefinedancing11, snotoneofus10
-Nala´s Nomenclature: fhalf05, shailtotheprincess12, stransformation05
-Vixey´s Video: ckuzco04, scontrolyourtemper07
-Q&A: serictotherescue03

-Traded QC (my soogieboogiessong10 for cyzma04 and member cards)
Recieved Trader Card Atlantis for 100 trades

-Traded in 4 flora 7 fauna: cqueennarissa02, ckronk01, ckronk03, ckronk10, xadversary14, xduo02, xhero04, xking13, xsibling03, xa13, xf01
-Traded Cannus (my skissthegirl13 for swizardsduel13 and member cards)
-Traded Crash (my sweareone01, sarielsinlove06, sfanfare11, syourworld07 for sgospeltruth105, sgospeltruth110, cprinceedward06, ctod09 and member cards)
-Traded Isabella (my sasecretrevealed12 for sblossoms10 and member cards)

-Traded Beatrix (my cstitch07 for ctod05 and member cards)
-Traded Nejana (my cathena09 for farcher22 and member cards)
-Traded Kearin (my fpride24, fpride26, ckovu05 for ckronk07, sgospeltruth105, sgospeltruth112 and member cards)

Traded Mary (my sawholenewworld08 for sgospeltruth115 and member cards)
-Traded Mina (my cgiselle06 for ckronk06 and member cards)

-Autumn 09 6-12 words: eautumn0905, eautumn0906, eautumn0907, eautumn0908, eautumn0909, eautumn0910, ckingtriton06, ckovu07, ckronk08, fspots30, fstrength01, fsword02, sbeautyandbeastre14, sblackraincloud13, sblossoms14, xlove212

-Traded Drusilla (my foutcast28 for ckronk02 and member cards)
-Q & A: sburninglove09
-Summer09 Fire Dancers: fforest18, fnightmare18, esummer0909, esummer0910
-Summer09 Main Attractions: cgenie06, sonejumpaheadre14, ssallyssong12, esummer0911, esummer0912

Traded Courtney (my xequine13 for sgospeltruth109, slikeothergirls14 and member cards)
-Rebirth: cwoody09, ftune07, sstrangerslikeme06, xlove01, flora
-Traded darlaslilgirl (my cfairygodmother05 for chercules09 and membercard)
-Traded Diamond (my cchip09 for ckuzco01 and member cards)
-Traded Annie (my cjimhawkins09, sreunion12 for cyzma01, fdreams05)
-Traded Kristi (my xadversary11 for cprinceedward05, ctod02)

Traded Bibi_Neko (my csally09 for sbellere06 and member cards)
-Traded Kilika (my fdragon18, fdragon30 for fpride05, fpride26 and member cards)
-Recieved Trader Card Aladdin for 75 Trades

Traded Jenphi (my sevilspell12, siwonder01, sthefairiesplan06 for fdreams18, sfightingforredux03, sfightingforredux12 and member cards)
-Traded Colette (my ccogsworth06 for ckronk08)
-Treasure Planet: snotoneofus07, snowayout09
-Summer 09 Hiring Fire Dancers: fforest18, fnightmare18, esummer0909, esummer0910

-Mastered Real: cqueennarissa03, cqueennarissa10, chades08, freturn17, sgeniemontage02, sgirlworthfightingfor03, sgivealittlewhistle04, xequine13
Participated in Acronym 17 recieved Acronym 17 badge
-Answered Q&A: ced10
-Peter Pan´s Puzzle: slikeothergirls06, flamb12
-Quasimodo´s Quotes: cstitch07, foutcast28, scantwaittobeking12
-Robin Hood´s Relationships: sprincewillcomere05, sfollowingtheleader12, sthehunsattack06
-Simba´s Scene: sawholenewworld02, siwonder04, sasecretrevealed12
-Agrabah: cbeast09, sbeautyandthebeast05, smarketplace06, flora
-Pride Rock: cangelique02, cnemo05, fcauldron07, fdreams13, cgiselle06
-Patch of Heaven: cmegara02, fflower12, shousecleaning11
-100 Acre Woods: sdamselindistress03, sonejumpaheadre11, froar28, syourworld07
-Kuzco´s Clothes: cbambi03, fslipper26, suponadreamreprise11

10/30/09 ::
Traded Rhap-Chan (my cmushu09 for cqueennarcissa06)
Three Good Fairies: freal22, freal26 (turned in 2 flora)
Traded Kristi (my fbrother26 for cqueennarcissa07 and member cards)
Autumn 09 First 5 words: autumn01, autumn02, autumn03, autumn04, cfairygodmother05, fmelodytime29, sfanfare11, Flora X 1, merryweather X 1
Traded Catiebug (my fmusic28, cathena03 for fbrother05,smulansdecision03 and member cards)

10/29/09 ::
Answered Q&A:  fdreams01(1)
Recieved Trader Card Enchanted for 50 trades

10/28/09 ::
Traded Marie (my shappyending15 for flost15 and member cards)
Traded Annie (my cjimhawkins01, cjimhawkins07, cjimhawkins08 for cpegasus03, ctod07, sgospeltruth103 and member cards)
Donated to Atlantica: sbeautyandthebeast12, sbibbidibobbidiboo11, sblackraincloud12, sblossoms13 (4)
Voted: ccruella05, sdowntoearth10 (2)
Summer 09 Making Lomi Salmon: esummer0906, cabu04, skronksmission08 (3)
Summer 09 Making Poi: esummer0907, esummer0908, swestwing06, sthefairiesplan06 (4)

10/20/09 :: Card Worth: 31
Answered Q&A: sweareone01 (1)
Switched out fgame04
Ariel’s Aria: sfightingforredux07, scolorsofthewind01, ssweetnightingale08 (3)
Belle’s Book: cnala06, f200006, fcook01, fpuppet25 (4)
Lady’s Location: ftwist21, sdestructionofgrotto08, slovewillfindaway09 (3)
Mulan’s Memory: chercules05, fpride07, sbattleonthetower02 (3)
Nala’s Nomenclature: frose12, skronksmission15, spinesofrome13, froadtrip01 (4)
Vixey’s Video: froar26, sbeastssurprise06, smineminemine15 (3)
Summer 09 Learn to Hula pt. 1: esummer0901, froar29, skingofpriderock15 (3)
…part 2: esummer0902, esummer0903, smineminemine10 (3)
…part 3: esummer0904, esummer0905, cmegara03, fmermaid10 (4)

10/20/09 :: Card Worth: 3
Alice’s Analogy: fflower17, siwonder01, slistenwithheart207 (3)

10/19/09 :: Card Worth: 0
-Traded Kitty (my cchienpo05 for freal29 and member cards)

10/12/09 :: Card Worth: 0
Traded Layna (my foutcast29, cthequeen02, cmarlin06, cbelle01 for cprinceedward08, cprinceedward09, cqueennarissa04, cqueennarissa09 and member cards)
IOU’s: (for 3 old special cards) adversary11, father15, hero15 (3)
Traded Loramir (my frose24, slistenwithheart105, smanoutofyou10 for cgiselle01, cqueennarissa01, cqueennarissa08 and member cards)

10/12/09 :: Card Worth: 7
Traded kim (my ckingtriton07, ursula03 for freal20, cgiselle09 and member cards)
Commented on question: cmushu01 (1)
Tugley Woods: cathena09, sawholenewworld08, sawholenewworld11, sthehunsattack05, cpeterpan10 (5)

10/11/09 :: Card Worth: 1
Traded Pil-P (my famigos18, faristocrat09, strueloveconquersall06, suponadreamre02, suponadreamre11 for fapple16, scaveofwonders10, scaveofwonders12, serictotheresuce02, skingsofpast03 and member cards)

10/09/09 :: Card Worth: 3
Traded Lindsay (my spocahontas13 for freal21 and member cards)
-Traded Colette (my cchip06 for cprinceedward04 and member cards)
-Traded Arianne (my cratigan09, cratigan10, cwalle04, fducktales25, shumiliation06, slistenwithheart207, sscalesandarpeggios13 for cqueennarissa05, smulanrevealed05, syourworldre03, fapple28, fchipmunk22, fhonor25, flost22 and member cards)

10/06/09 :: Card Worth: 7
Traded Sarah (my swestwing11 for cgiselle06 and member cards)
-Recieved Muse Card
Neverland: sblackraincloud11, fframed10, cchip06, flora (3)
Donated to Ariel’s Grotto: sattackatthewall12 (-1)
Beast’s Bluffs: cchienpo05, fforest09, sbestoffriends09, sbibbidibobbidiboo10 (4)

10/06/09 :: Card Worth: 35
Commented on question: scaveofwonders02 (1)
Kuzco’s Clothes: ctimon03, sblossoms13, syouliedtome09 (3)
Peter Pan’s Puzzle: sbeasttransformation03, sgospeltruth108, shappyending15 (3)
Quasimodo’s Quotes: fdragon18, ffind22, ffuture29, fmonster18 (4)
Robin Hood’s Relationships: sgoldenafternoon14, sjig06, spocahontas13, stipanddash13 (4)
Simba’s Scene: cprinceedward02, smulanrevealed02, sthekiss11 (3)
100 Acre woods: shumiliation06, sarielsinlove06, sdamselindistress04, seatme03, ssecretlab14 (5)
Agrabah: slegendofthelamp13, slikeothergirls09, slistenwithheart207, flora (3)
Baker Street: ckingtriton07, sjustonemistake12, sthejourney10, swizardsduel01, flora (4)
Pride Rock: swhosbeenpainting09, swhenshelovedme02, sunderthestars06, cwoody04, cjimhawkins07 (5)
Traded Rhap-chan (my sgospeltruth313 for cgiselle04 and member cards)

09/20/09 :: Card Worth: 73
-Traded in haitus tokens (token 1 X 1, token 2 X 5, token 3 X 12, special token X 5, choice token X 3): real15, real16, real18, ccogsworth06, cjimhawkins09, ckronk05, clittlejohn06, cnani02, cnuka09, crafiki04, cratigan10, csally09, cslinky09, cterk06, cunclemax05, famigos24, fapple30, faristocrat09, fbelieve11, fbolt27, fcars04, fcauldron16, fdetective24, fdinosaur14, fdragon03, fdreams26, fducktales25, fhonor20, fmelodytime20, foutback03, froadtrip27, frose24, saeiou14, scaseyjunior06, sendsoftheearth08, sevilspell12, sgospeltruth107, shathismarch06, simwishing02, sjig05, slandandsea03, slistenwithheart105, snotmydog12, spartyinagrabah01, srealgone12, sresueaidsociety06, sreunion12, ssallyssong06, sshakehands10, swhenshelovedme04 (50)
Alice’s Analogy: sflotsamandjetsam04, suponadream02, swestwing11 (3)
Ariel’s Aria: svanessassong13, sjanesdecision10, sjumpinline05 (3)
Belle’s Book: cstitch03, ctarzan07, fpedigree03, froar16 (4)
Lady’s Location: cjimhawkins08, freal27, sattackatthewall12 (3)
Mulan’s Memory: cursula03, ffuture21, syourworldre04 (3)
Nala’s Nomenclature: strueloveconquersall06, sivegotnostrings09, scaucusrace01, ccopper02 (4)
Vixey’s Video: simwishing05, stellherthetruth02, sonadarknight14 (3)

09/20/09 :: <Updating..> Card Count : 1 + -2
-Switched old cards with new cards
-Switched out trader cards for traderemperorsnewgroove (1)
-Switched out 1 choice filler with flora (regular)
-Switched out 2 special trading cards for 2 fauna (special)
-Picked up new member card
Traded Enni: my spocahontas09, percysbath14 for blossoms01, yzma05 & member cards

07/12/09 :: <Semi-Hiatus, only tokens>
Voted for Movie: hiatustoken2
Update Freebies: hiatustoken3
Rewards for Icon Contest: hiatustoken1, hiatustoken3
…Acronym Contest: hiatustoken3
Drink Me: hiatustoken4
White Rabbit: haitustoken5, hiatustoken4
Caterpillar’s Poetry: hiatustoken3
Tulgey Woods: hiatustoken3
Madhatter’s: hiatustoken2

06/13/09 :: <Semi-Hiatus, only tokens>
Drink Me: hiatustoken4
White Rabbits Home: hiatustoken5, hiatustoken3
Caterpillar’s Poetry: hiatustoken3
Tulgey Woods: hiatustoken3
Mad Hatter’s: hiatustoken2

06/02/09:: <Semi-Hiatus, only tokens>
Mini Very Good Advice: hiatustoken4
Drink Me: hiatustoken4
White Rabbits Home: hiatustoken5, hiatustoken3
Caterpillar’s Poetry: hiatustoken3
Tulgey Woods: hiatustoken3
Mad Hatter’s: hiatustoken2
Queen of Hearts’: hiatustoken2
Patch of Heaven: hiatustoken3
Traded Koshiba (my charnala05 for enchanted28 & member cards)

05/30/09 :: Total Cards : 3
Voting: band16, outcast29, songkissthegirl13 (3)

05/26/09 :: Total Cards : 1
Very Good Advice: heroine15 (1)
Traded Drusilla (my lamp21 for charkida12 & member cards)

05/22/09 :: Total Cards : 6
Traded Hanako (my songaguylikeyou12, mystery11, songsmoketheblighter01, charwendy08, songjacklament14, apple17 for enchanted24, charkuzco03, songfireworks09, slipper08, groove20, charbelle01 & member cards)
-Traded Beatrix (weareone12 for enchanted25 & member cards)
Leveled up to Magician: enchanted10, enchanted14, amigos17, songphoebusarrives13, charlilo14, hero15 (6)

05/21/09 :: Total Cards : 9
Scavenger Hunt: chariago12, songmaleficentappears01, rescue19 (3)
Leveled up to Mage: enchanted06, enchanted07, slipper07, songmyown13, charjohnsmith04, aves13 (6)
Recieved Trader Cards 05, 10, & 25
-Traded Enni (my wild03, chartarzan01, songgaston09, songgaston12, charshang05, charsebastian01 for enchanted19, enchanted30, slipper14, songweareone11, songunderthestars04, charprinceedward15 & member cards)

05/19/09 :: Total Cards : 18
b.e.n.’s behind: charnala05, charyzma08, walle07 (3)
Lilo’s Lottery: charbelle13 (1)
Milo’s decoder: songgospeltruth111, songonelasthope08, songsmoketheblighterout01 (3)
Mulan’s memory match: songjig10, songmanoutofyou02 (2)
Peter Pan’s Shadow: aristocrat04, bedknob15, caballeros04 (3)
pegasus’ puzzle: game04, mystery11 (2)
vixey’s voices: chariago02, charpegasus08, chartimon06 (3)
walle’s wonder: songjumpaheadreprise08 (1)
Traded Melissa (my spirit17, charmegara07, songoogieboogie14, birds23, songupendi09 for charprinceedward01, charprinceedward03, chargiselle08, enchanted08, enchanted12 & member cards)

05/17/09 :: Total Cards : 0
Traded Caleigh (my songhappyendagrabah13, songmanoutofyou11 for enchanted04, charmushu03 & member cards)

05/15/09 :: Total Cards : 0
Traded Wendy (my south23, big26, charlilo01, charlittlejohn01, songmakingchristmas12, songoodelally04, rescue18, charsally06, songtownmeeting07 for chipmunk04, groove16, honor10, honor14, charkronk04, charmushu15, pride25, slipper23, slipper27 & member cards)

05/14/09 :: Total Cards : 11
Mastered Spring09: enchanted03, boundin17, chartarzan01, songfairiesplan03, songfanfare02 (5)
Leveled Up to Magelet: enchanted01, enchanted02, charthequeen02, bug26, songfathomsbelow02, adversary11 (6)

05/13/09 :: Total Cards : -1 + 3
Poison Apple: (picked poison) -songyouvegotafriend09 (-1)
Pinocchio Lie: birds23, songendtitle15, songerictotherescue01 (3)
-Recieved Lottery Card
Traded Sar (my lamp27 for enchanted09 & member cards)

05/12/09 :: Total Cards : 39
Ariel’s Songs: songfireworks05, songhappyendagrabah13, songunderthesea02 (3)
Belle’s Books: chipmunk23, south23, tinker08 (3)
Emperor’s New Clothes: charvitani14, charshang05, charsally06 (3)
Lady’s Locations: wonderland06, songcantwaittobeking03, songsomethingthere09 (3)
Merlin’s Match: rose30, songgaston12, songmanoutofyou11 (3)
Mulan’s Memory Match: songgospeltruth312, songunderthestars06 (2)
Pongo Spots: songsomethingthere06, songaguylikeyou12, big26 (3)
Queen of Heart’s Quotes: lamp21, charwendy08, charyzma03 (3)
Basil’s Report: choice filler, songbellereprise14, songmalleycat06, songupendi09, charmarie07 (4)
Chesire Cat’s Crossword: apple17, songonceuponadream01,
songoogieboogie14,  charmushu13, charthequeen02 (5)
Tarzan’s Trivia: charsebastian01, songtownmeeting07, songladytobed13, tintoy30 (4)
Timon’s Television: find26, songblossoms02, songblossoms15 (3)

05/11/09 :: Total Cards : 23
Event 08/ Golden Afternoon… (Note 1): –1 petal, charkronk09, songgaston09, songpianoconcertono215 (3)
Note 2: –1 petal, songpartofyourworld03, songjackslament14 (2)
Note 3: –1 petal, songlegendofthelamp10 (1)
Note 4: –1 petal, rose15, bond17 (2)
Note 5: –1 petal, groove01, honor20, songyouvegotafriend09 (3)
Note 6: –1 petal, charberlioz13, charratigan12 (2)
Note 7: –1 petal, rose11, rat24 (2)
Note 8: –1 petal, charkuzco10 (1)
Note 9: –1 petal, flower09, slipper18 (2)
Note 10: –1 petal, enchanted13 (1)
Note 11: –1 petal, find03, pride03 (2)
Note 12: –1 petal, chartimon02 (1)
Note 13: –1 petal, enchanted17 (1)

05/10/09 :: Total Cards : 42
Recieved Member Card
-Mother’s Day Mini Event: petal, spirit17, wild03, songfirebirdsuite10 (3)
-Event 08/ Blue Bells: petal, spring0901, charkuzco13, charmushu09 (3)
-Event 08/ Bread-And-Butterflies: petal, spring0902, spring0903, songonejumpahead11, songoodelally04 (4)
-Event 08/ Daffodils: petal, spring0904, dreams04, friends27 (3)
-Event 08/ Daisy: two petals, melodytime30, charnala08 (2)
Event 08/ Dandy Lions: petal, spring0905, friends19, newcar01 (3)
Event 08/ Lily: petal, spring0906, songcaveofwonders01, songmakingchristmas12 (3)
Event 08/ Marigold: petal, spring0907, charchienpo06, charfairygodmother05 (3)
Event 08/ Snapdragons: petal, spring0908, spring0909,  songdreamisawish01,  songinfinityandbeyond13,  songlistenwithheart103 (5)
Event 08/ Tulips: petal, spring0910, spring0911, bug26, ducktales18 (4)
Event 08/ Violets: petal, spring0912, spring0913, lamb01, songsiamesecat08 (4)
Event 08/ Red Rose: petal, spring0914, spring0915, charlittlejohn01, charmegara07, charpeterpan10 (5)

05/09/09 :: Total Cards : 13
Starter Pack: enchanted05, enchanted11, enchanted23, lamp27, rescue18, treasure07, songwalruscarpenter04, songwearone12, songweddingannouncement14, charlewis15, charlilo01, charlinguini01, father15 (13)