5″X7.5″ Log

28 Jun

-update freebies: promo_deus004, deusr04, deuss02_var, deussc04, voice007, sticker 75members
-the grabber: fairypark020
-identity crisis: (medium) wolf001, brother016
-get my meaning: shikon018, renaissance007
-the cake stealer: chosen004, pulse010, cake03
-file fiasco: cephiro019
-puzzles: (easy) brownr04
-puzzles: (hard) cephirosc01
-puzzles: (series) origin012
-facemeld: (one) pulse020, oniichan011
-facemeld: (two) highjump018, hollow002
-teleport: (one) nypds03 (three) platinumr06
-sticker dispenser: traded blastia_a for deus_a

-update freebies: (monochrome donate) monochrome002, monochromer01
-update freebies: purpler02, monochrome001, garden001, cursed002, artwork001
-jigsaw: synthesiss05
-fill in the blank: (one) contractr10 (two) queenr10
*-Traded Fayte (my wishes010 for cursed001 and member stickers)
*-Traded Trinity (my renaissances03 for seigakus01)

-update freebies: badluck006, nittlegrasper008, shounen002, shounenr01
-trivia challenge: (one) embryo001 (two) across014 (three) tortoise003 (four) pulse015 (five) legend012 (six) gang001 (seven) secrets008 (eight) gang007 (nine) windowwasher014 (ten) heartless016 (final) twilightr02, keions03, promo_shoujo003
-cardmaker sidekicks 1st place: sidekicksr07, brushr10, shoujo005, contractor018, sticker 7_sidekicks1
*-Traded Chivere (my abyss007 for garden003 and member stickers)

-the grabber: chainr09, seigakusc01
-update freebies: (08/20) tengu018, lasplagas018, embryo004, renaissances03
-update freebies: (08/23) garden002, cursed003
-identity crisis: (hard) innocence007, chain010, trepanation005, sticker rasetsu_a
-identity crisis: (easy) scouts011
-get my meaning: recapture005, onmyouji016
-file fiasco: senshi004
-speak up: (one) cephiro008 (two) shoujo014
-facemeld: (one) revolution014, yorozuya020
-facemeld: (two) gambit007, pink006
-puzzles: (series) bounty020
-puzzles: (easy) platinumr01
-puzzles: (hard) artworksc01
-memory: cephiro009, text010
-line up: kiras05
-checkout: synthesisr03
-waterlogged: (one) blastiasc01 (two) senshir04
-the shady dealer: promo_oniichan003
-cosplay: (one) secretsr03
-cosplay: (series) model002

*-Traded Corbin (my kira017, wolf010, wolf020, kirar03 for voice011, voice012, garden007, voicer09)
-update freebies: deussc03, purple002
-click and drag: (memory) hollow020 (2) fallen017 (3) gender017 (4) rhode005
-click and drag: (puzzle) yellow020 (2) undine012 (3) voice010 (4) drug018
-click and drag: (jigsaw) chosen017 (2) otaku003
-click and drag: (final) fairyparkr01, gullwingss01, promo_kusabi001

-Update Freebies: (08/14) renaissance018, mu017, promo_deus003, voice006
-Update freebies: (08/16) debt001, kira017, deusr08, voice016
-musical chairs: pack
-jigsaw: vongolasc04
-survey: shounens02
-fill in the blank: (2) greenr03 (1) gangr08
-follow my lead: (links) (1) checkmate005 (5) pulse014 (3) villains013 (4) otaku014
-follow my lead: (clues) (1) blitz011 (5) mobilesuit017 (3) redriver014 (4) strawhat007
-the grabber: rasetsus03
-identity crisis: (easy) wishes010 (hard) fonons013, netherworld014, debtr07, bounty_d sticker
-get my meaning: revenge014, senshi016
-cake stealer: chosen011, blue016, cake01
-file fiasco: lotis016
-speak up: (one) garden011 (two) debt002
-facemeld: (two) green009
-puzzles: (easy) onmyoujir09
-scrambled: (one, 1) red013 (2) spirit016 (3) origin004 (4) kirar03
-cuts: purple018, text019
-scrambled: (two, 1) cursed005 (3) fonons020 (2) cursed012 (4) blitzr04

-update freebies: voice002, purpler03

-the grabber: divas01
-update freebies: dream014, focus010, deussc01, deuss01_var
-leveled up: promo_villains002, deusr02, mistletoe010, materia016, elibe013, pack
-identity crisis: (hard) pack
-identity crisis: (medium) cephiro018, heartless020
-identity crisis: (easy) journey010
-the cake stealer: fallen016, britannia018, cake03
-file fiasco: pulse007
-speak up: (two) gear007
-speak up: (one) purple005
-facemeld: (one) platinum005, focus017
-puzzles: (easy) seigakur02
-puzzles: (series) silkylove017

-update freebies: (08/05) blackmail001, chaotic014, pulse001, deusr01, gardenr03
-update freebies: (08/06) brown012, browns01, brown001, f4002, red002, immortal009
-memory: heroes006, fairypark007
-line up: curseds04
-waterlogged: (series) yorozuyasc02
-waterlogged: (namco) brownr03
-checkout: reaperr07

-update freebies: promo_deus001, voice003, voice020

-the grabber: purplesc03
-identity crisis: (easy) cephiro005
-identity crisis: (medium) artwork016, purple013
-identity crisis: (hard) pack
-scavenger hunt participant: senshir06, feathers016, 13_scavenger sticker
-first letter, last letter third place: fonons012, wolf020, shikon004, pack, objection_b sticker, 13_firstlast3 sticker
-get my meaning: synthesis019, britannia001
-the cake stealer: revolution010, elemia001, cake02
-file fiasco: cursed018
-puzzle: (easy) hollowr07

-partial mastery Deus Base: voice001
-jigsaw: otakusc05
-family tree: (series) artwork008
-family tree: (character) highjump010, villains014
-fill in the blank: (one) chosenr05 (two) gardenr07
-cardmaker sidekicks and companions: cursed008, blackmagic017 + stickers companions no. 5, sidekickes no. 5

-Traded Luciel (my mistletoe006 for deus010 and member stickers)
-Identity Crisis: (hard) wishes016, lotis014, notebookr10
-Get my meaning: resonance011, blackmagic008
-the cake stealer: model009, senshi009, cake01
-file fiasco: wolf014
-speak up: (one) green003
-speak up: (two) pureblood012
-facemeld: (one) green011
-the grabber: precincts01_var
-puzzle: (series) voice005
-puzzle: (easy) parasiter05
-puzzle: (hard) igurasc02
-teleport: (one) britannias04
-teleport: (two) waaagh017
-teleport: (three) voicer02

-update freebies: purple001, purple014, purpler01
-memory: notebook003, netherworld009
-line up: contractsc01
-checkout: zaiphonr10
-waterlogged: (series) divas03
-waterlogged: (mangaka) runemidgardr02

-Traded Luchia (my demonking006, highjump016, meifu011, red004, f4r02, feathersr01, waters02 for deus003, deus006, deus009, deus011, deusr03, deusr06, deussc02)
*-Traded Graverunner (my impure012, impure015 for blast007, voice017)
-Update freebies: gear016

-identity crisis: (hard) justice020, elemia015, chosen018, sticker blastia_a
-get my meaning: oniichan002, leafe015
-the cake stealer: innocence007, origin012, cake03
-file fiasco: gang017
-speak up: (two) alchemy011
-speak up: (one) pureblood004
-cosplay: (series) samurai014
-cosplay: (two) senshir08
-cosplay: (one) seigakur07
-puzzles: (series) shoujo017
-puzzles: (easy) teitenr06
-puzzles: (hard) heroessc02
-the grabber: seigakus04, wishes017
-traded sullee (my otaku014, otaku019 for cursed019, cursed020 and member stickers)

-update freebies: oniichan001, otaku014
-identity crisis: (hard) pack
-identity crisis: (medium) f4001, senshi017
-get my meaning: feathers011, cephiro011
-the cake stealer: voice018, otaku019, cake02
-file fiasco: synthesis015
-puzzles: (easy) legendr04
-puzzles: (hard) pinks05
-family tree: (series) garden005
-family tree: (character) villains016, blue020
-jigsaw: alchemys01
-fill in the blank: (one) tennyor03 (two) blitzr03
-scrambled: (one, words) (1) hollow016 (2) checkmate010 (3) cursed016 (series) redr07
-scrambled: (two, words) (1) lucius005 (2) diva018 (3) watashi010 (series) strawhatr06
-the shady dealer: promo_voice005
-donated master badges: pack, donate master badge sticker
-click and drag: (memory) (1) pureblood010 (2) seisho002 (3) blitz017 (4) shoujo003
-click and drag: (puzzle) (1) teiten009 (2) silkylove003 (3) bellliberty006 (4) sanctuary003
-click and drag: (jigsaw) (1) cephiro014 (2) wolf010
-click and drag: (finished) promo_blast003, secretssc04, rosebrider01

-memory: impure015, yellow001
-line up: purebloods04
-check out: cephiror07

-follow my lead: (links) (1) secrets007 (2) blast010 (5) kusabi012 (3) pureblood019 (4) celestial017
-follow my lead: (codes) (5) strawhat018 (4) heroes017 (3) shoujo015 (1) shounen010 (2) red001
-follow my lead: (leader) divar10, shoujos05, promo_garden003
-shady dealer: promo_heroes002

-update freebie: fairypark020
-Traded Dite (my yellow007, animus002, blue010, forbidden010, heroes002 for deus002, deus007, deus012, deus013, deus019 and member stickers)
-Traded Bunny (my leafesc03 for gardensc04 and member stickers)
-Traded Schaly (my calnus002, villains003, heroes020 for deus001, deus018, deus020 and member stickers)
-Traded Corbin (my wolf008 for deus015 and member stickers)

-identity crisis: (easy) gender007
-identity crisis: (medium) shounen001, blitz015
-identity crisis: (hard) 1 pack (opened: sky004, lotis003, nypdr10)
-get my meaning: villains003, parasite009
-cake stealer: kishin013, strangers014, cake01
-file fiasco: alchemy014
-speak up: (one) trials011
-speak up: (two) hakutaku006
-puzzle: (series) f4020
-puzzle: (easy) wizardryr02
-puzzle: (hard) queensc03
-Traded Rinlingyo (my onmyouji015 for deus017 and member stickers)
-facemeld: (one) voice004, hollow018
-facemeld: (two) metafalica002, abyss004
-for replying to starter pack: garden012
-the grabber: shoujosc05
-Traded Hotaru (my legend011, wishes001 for deus014, deus016 and member stickers)

-Traded Trinity (my villainsr01, blue016 for deus005, gardenr01 and member stickers)
-the grabber: mercenaries002

-update freebie: pink007
-family tree: (series) fonons015
-family tree: (character) heroes002, artwork017
-jigsaw: jiendias03
-fill in the blank: belllibertyr08, (2) feathersr01

-puzzle: (series) samurai011
-identity crisis: (easy) garden014
-puzzle: (series) artwork012
-line up: leafesc03
-scrambled: (one, scrambled) (1) forbidden010 (2-3) sacrifice001 (4-5) strawhat014 (series) textr04
-scrambled: (two, scrambled) (1) blast009 (2-3) drug002 (4-5) seigaku018 (series) revenger03
-cosplay: (one) reaperr03 (two) netherworldr09 (theme) demonking006
-teleport: (name) curseds02
-teleport: (origin) bellliberty012
-teleport: (location) forbiddenr04
-click & drag: (memory) (1) checkmate002 (2) red004 (3) garden017 (4) garden010
-click & drag: (puzzle) (1) water003 (2) celestial019 (3) impure012 (4) gullwings004
-click & drag: (jigsaw) (1) cephiro016 (2) heroes020
-click & drag: (finish) embryor07, reapers05, promo_heroes004
-Trivia: (1) blast012 (2) voice013 (3) metafalica019 (4) onmyouji015 (5) seigaku005 (6) abyss007 (7) animus002 (8) rhode020 (9) coralian017 (10) materia017
-Trivia: (finish) cursedr02, waters02, promo_shounen005
-follow my lead: (links) (4) sanctuary004 (5) shounen008 (3) yellow007 (2) wishes001 (1) blastia020
-follow my lead: (codes) (5) seigaku014 (3) f4018 (4) mistletoe006 (1) meifu011 (2) legend011
-follow my lead: (leader) artworkr08, voices04, promo_silkylove004
-Recieved sticker (member Nyx)

-Starter Pack: calnus002, deus004, deus008, embryo012, promo_deus002, rasetsu012, time007, villainsr01
-recieved member stickers (member, member #122)
-Identity crisis: (medium) highjump016, artwork005
-Get my meaning: blue010, gang013
-the cake stealer: britannia001, expel003, cake03
-file fiasco: blast001
-puzzle: (easy) contractorr08
-puzzle: (hard) recaptures03
-facemeld: shounen013, queen007
-family tree: (series) abyss011
-family tree: (character) blue016, brush008
-jigsaw: revenges04
-fill in the blank: heartlessr05, (2) silkylover01
-memory: chosen010, wolf008
-checkout: britanniar06
-waterlogged: f4sc04, (2) f4r02

-Joined up!


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