Nyx's Cards

Reverie Log


-Traded Kitarakir (my angelssing01, angelssing08, angelssing11, pandora09, persona10, persona16, secretgarden12 for fire06, hero02, hero12, holidaycheer02, miasma14, secretsanta05, secretsanta19 and member cards)
-Traded Nijaki (my royalcourt02, phantomsword01, phantomsword12 for hostclub04, puyo05, theband11)
-Traded Lucathia (my acepicnic09, greatdetective19, petals15 for angelegg19, angelssing07, summoner11)

-Traded Jayme (my earlofpoisons07 for holidaycheer20)
-Traded Ralene (my dream17, ipd16, picturesque08, princess15, sainttail03, sainttail04, magician10, rivalbattles06 for bite04, bite08, hanatoyume16, hostclub17, puyo04, spelvia01, theband20, genuine20)
-Traded Lola (my acepicnic06, prejoin07, prejoin12, build01, build12, build15, carnelian17, cityfolk15, elite02, elite06, fieldofflowers13, happiness13, happytogether04, happytogether06, hikari10, knaveofhearts03, lyrics10, moetan01, mirror18, moshimoshi09, moshimoshi12, withyou12, strawhats07, sosbrigade01

for bite03, fire01, fire05, genuine03, genuine10, genuine11, halloween14, harennatoyume06, hanatoyume08, hanatoyume15, hero08, hostking17, seasonsgreetings11, seasonsgreetings20, theband12, theband19, water06, wonderland02, wonderland11, angelssing08, holidaycheer09, ojousama03, ojousama12, puyo03)
-Traded Nejana (my chase12, secretsanta04, secretsanta18, secretsanta19, furuba05 for fonon10, ojousama11, angelssing04, angelssing08, summoner07)
-Traded Nadyell (my day02, goodbye03, goodbye09, loveduet08, singles14, sinister08, torches14 for angelssing20, bite13, genuine05, miasma09, ojousama09, theband08, theband09)
-Traded Chii (my guardian09, aristocrat16, chibified04, megami02 for fonon09, halloween07, ojousama01, ojousama10)
-Traded Yujing (my confectionary14, confectionary19, english07, possessed01 for hero01, lovelystyle09, lovelystyle16, picori02)

-update freebies: seasonsgreetings01, secretsanta01, wonderland01, hanatoyume, crossdresser16, hanakimi10, identity19, asa08, possessed10, bond08

-Traded Chii (my beyond09, beyond20, psychic03, thage12 for holidaycheer19, angelssing02, angelssing11, angelssing18)

-snowed in: secretsanta04, seasonsgreetings16, snowflake
-snow ride: seasonsgreetings18, wonderland05
-blizzard: holidaycheer16, sosbrigade01
-Fortune(a): badend08, goodbye03
-Memory: sixteen18, megami02
-Black Jack: chase12, lightwarriors19, candycane
-Freebies: embrace15, fireflies17
-Collaborate (donating mismatch02, mismatch09): neighbor01, prejoin12, fire02, hero18
-Comission: 1 coupon, peace19, ink
-Bargain Bin: whistle19, withyou12
-Pieces: eternalsnow10, phantomsword12
-Vote: bite05, persona16, pencil
-Translator: hanatoyume09, singles14
-Style: undine02, union12, perfect14, paint
-December Mini Mastery: closedroom11, runner10, risingstars15, 2 coupons + 2 renown
-presents 3: sticker03, sticker07
-coupon exchange (-6 x 1coupon): sticker12, sticker14, sticker15, sticker16, sticker17, sticker19
-Mastered sticker: angelegg07, angelegg08, possessed01, goodbye09, hikari10 + 1 renown

-Received Artbook 1

-Traded Yujing (my angelssing17, pandora08, pandora19, cardcaptor13 for holidaycheer10, prejoin07, autumn08, sticker01)
-Traded Rizu (my embrace14 for autumn03 and member cards)

-update freebies: (12/20) water14 (12/21) sticker02
-house 4: secretsanta02, wonderland06, wonderland08, bell
-blizzard: wonderland17, secretsanta18
-snow ride: secretsanta19, angelssing01
-snowed in: seasonsgreetings15, seasonsgreetings02, snowman
-Freebies: happymaria11, ontheroof18
-Black Jack: build12, revolution18, snowflake
-Memory: strawberry19, judgementstrikes05
-Fortune(r): pencil, tree
-Faved Sora: confectionary19, kuroshitsuji11, exorcists17, purewater01, ipd16
-Pieces: target04, macanu13, fire13, brush
-Lottery: neighbor15
-Notes: mage19, chibified04, pencil
-Printed: congratulations13, youbelong19, ink
-Series ID: hostking04, killorkiss07, brush, pencil

-update freebies: holidaycheer05
-house 3: holidaycheer13, musica15, 1 coupon, angel
-creation: water16
-house 2: angelssing11, rokkenjima11, five11, hat
-Trading Nadyell (my fonon04, fonon18, ariacompany09, loveduet03 for angelssing16, picori07, picori19, summoner19)
-Traded Sen (my bondomu02 for holidaycheer15)
-Traded Sakura (my fireflies11, fireflies15 for angelssing06, angelssing15)

-Traded Coco (my mirrors19, trinityblood06, godsofdeath12, brokenwings08 for angelegg04, halloween02, halloween11, sweetandspicy14 and member cards)
-Traded Umi (my royalcourt14, ange11, clockroom07 for summoner05, summoner09, sweetandspicy02 and member cards)
-blizzard: holidaycheer14, bulb
-snow ride: holidaycheer13, angelssing17
-snowed in: angelssing01, holidaycheer12, angel
-Fortune(r): pencil, tree
-Memory: pandora08, sticker05
-Black Jack: pandora09, purewater15, angel
-Freebies: trueself01, bite09
-Average Comission: 1 coupon, mirror18, colorwalk09, paint
-Bargain Bin: phantomsword01, fonon03
-Pieces: inaba20, greatdetective01
-Style: lightwarriors18, runner04, evoke05, pencil
-Translator: mysteriousplay18, krusnik14
-Warped: 1 coupon, fireflies15, dreamer10

-coupon exchange (-5 x 1 coupon): battledoll15, battledoll16, battledoll18, battledoll19, battledoll20
-Mastered battledoll: angelegg01, angelegg06, sweetheart12, gamestart05, godsofdeath17, +1 renown

-update freebies: five09, hime08, sinister08, sinnohbattles14, rivalbattles06, lastbattles05, johtobattles12, hoennbattles12, perfectprince14, happiness13, sushichef09, midsummerrain08, confectionary14, murderbear10
-blizzard: angelssing17, bulb
-snowed in: holidaycheer03, angelssing01, bulb
-snow ride: angelssing19, holidaycheer07
-house 1: holidaycheer01, aristocrat16, perfectprince10, tree, snowflake
-Warped: 1 coupon, blast02, dream17
-Freebies: sainttail03, together04
-Black Jack: lightwarriors15, blackring06, candycane
-Memory: astraeahill19, waterlily18
-Fortune(m): holidaycheer04, bell
-Faved Mitsuki: bluerogues15, rain03
-Pieces: future17, underground01, clovers10, brush
-Lottery: neighbor03
-Portrait: goodbye14, cardcaptor13, 1 coupon, brush
-Printed: fullmoon02, ojousama13, paint
-Series ID: autumn15, rosebride09, paint, paint
-Vote: puyo12, blackring14, holidaycheer08, pencil, snowflake
-Traded Ralene (my ipd09, sages08 for digicharat13, summoner18)
-Traded Chii (my blossoms16, blazing08, atashi01, atashi04 for battledoll11, cursedsword19, sweetandspicy10, sweetandspicy17)
-Traded Mina (my besek07, valdia13 for sweetandspicy19, summoner06 and member cards)
-Traded Nejana (my thage10 for sweetandspicy01)
-Traded Nijaki (my thefinalbattle13 for sweetandspicy07)
-Traded Pshaman (my bride20, dreamlife01 for kuroshitsuji04, angelegg03)

-Received masterpiece08
-wishing well: hostclub01, hostking14, lovelystyle17, summoner01, onechoice, paint
-Series (1): mismatch02
-Series (2): sages06, build15
-Series (3): overlord07, furuba05, theband02
-Series (4): 1 coupon, imperialacademy03, whistle10, secretgarden20, pencil
-Completed Illustrations 3: battledoll04, persona10, blazing08 + 1 renown
-Mini Pack (used 5 x brush): sakurasong03, cross16, beyond09, brokenwings03
-Fun Pack (used 10 x pencil): dreamlife01, fireflies11, psychic03, guardian09
-Fun Pack (used 10 x ink): insignia07, bondomu03, ange11, royalcourt02
-Fun Pack (used 10 x paint): cursedsword13, princess02, banquet08, build01, bride20, cityfolk15, shana16
-Traded Aisu (my besek14, perfect18, perfect20 for ojousama04, puyo08, hero16)
-Traded Sakura (my solider01, clueless03, justforme09, withyou09 for picori03, circumstances17, circumstances19, theband10)
-Traded Pshaman (my exorcists09, seisyu04 for sticker18, hostclub01)

-20 & 30 Artist Cards: beyond20, chibified12, cursedsword04, chibi07 + 2 renown
-Completed Illustrations 2: battledoll01, theband18, sleepinglotus08 + 1 renown
-Traded Hotaru (my checkmate11 for fonon15 and member cards)
-Traded Dysanne (my amestris08, amestris15, gotei1318 for fonon04, fonon18, picori17 and member cards)
-Traded Fumei (my rain12, centralpark04 for ojousama05, summoner15 and member cards)
-Traded Diasparkle (my digicharat08, chocola07 for angelegg05, picori06 and member cards)

-Vote: ring13, herooftime16, pencil
-Survey: elite02, lunar08, pursuit17, fuhgeddaboudit10, 1 game coupon
-update freebies: earlofpoisons07, redram14, pacifiers08, ariacompany09, snowdrop03
-Freebies: battleground14
-Black Jack: illusionofbeauty16, illusionofbeauty16
-Memory: revenge12, greatdetective19, paint
-Fortune(f): west04, bite14, shinigami15
-Bargain Bin: colorwalk03, ivalice01
-Default Comission: trinityblood04, birdcage17
-Pieces: eternalsnow04, ivalice01
-Translator: rain09, pandora19
-Style: sages08, zloan08, day02, paint
-Creation: autumn12
-Received masterpiece02, masterpiece04 cards
-masterpiece#8: 1 coupon, blossoms16, genuine08, epitaph14, ink, ink, brush + 1 renown
-level up(creator): battledoll07, battledoll09, battledoll10, illusionofbeauty18, daisy07, mage16, paint

-Traded Kristina (my underground10 for cherryblossom09)
-Mastered Sylvarant: battledoll02, battledoll03, torches18, vampire01, revolution08, + 1 renown

-level up(novice): sylvarant05, sylvarant07, sylvarant08, neighbor20, imperialacademy16, goodbye14, pencil
-masterpiece#2: 1 coupon, zodiac18, mahoraacademy07, atashi01, paint, pencil, paint, + 1 renown
-masterpiece#4: 1 coupon, lyrics10, thage10, happytogether04, ink, paint, pencil, + 1 renown
-update freebies: aida14, macanu07, cityfolk20, ojousama08, hero11, mansbestfriend14, mooglemail07, miasma04, timedoor17, puyo13, reach10, elite06, moonbeauty03
-Traded Aelyria (my aristocrat09, atashi17, avalanche06, banquet07, metafalica05, pandora13, shimmer07 for angelegg20, fonon07, fuhgeddaboudit01, ivalice15, magician20, picori09, puresoul06 and member cards)
-Traded Kearin (my alichino01, demonworld09, royalcourt15 for summoner10, bite10, spelvia14)
-Traded Aisu (my hauntingsound12, psychic05 for angelegg17, battledoll13 and member cards)
-Freebies: mooglemail02
-Black Jack: parakiss01, union20
-Memory: blackrock08, holysword01, pencil
-Fortune(s): loveduet08, english07
-Faved Cat: besek07, carnelian17
-Lottery: thefinalbattle03, acepicnic06
-Pieces: oxide19, mirror12, perfect20, paint
-Notes: whistle20, build15, whistle10, purewater02, ink
-Printed: knaveofhearts03, hostclub10, ink
-Portrait: moshimoshi12, leapoffaith10, 1 coupon, pencil
-coupon exchange (-6 x 1choice coupon): sylvarant10,sylvarant12,sylvarant14,sylvarant15,sylvarant19,sylvarant20
-Traded Bear (my oxide19, mirror12, macanu07 for fonon12, neighbor16, sticker04 and member cards)

-Traded Ralene (my lovers15 for sticker13)
-Traded Sakura (my knaveofhearts14, sainttail07 for cherryblossom02, cherryblossom17 and member cards)

update freebies: (11/07) meisterintraining09, grimoire11, mysteriousplay15, fieldofflowers13, moshimoshi09,  sweetandspicy11, eternity09, picturesque08,  princess15, melancholy12, sylvarant16
-update freebies: (today) past09, valdia13, thage12, digicharat08, chocola07, besek14, clueless03, justforme09, withyou09
-Freebies: rosebride03
-Black Jack: psypher06, illusionofbeauty09
-Memory: zodiac12, exorcists09, brush
-Fortune(s): seisyu04, bluedreams02
-Bargain Bin: strawhats07, fightthepower09
-Comission: 1 coupon, sylvarant18, pencil
-Pieces: waterlily11, acepicnic09
-Translator: centralpark04, brokenwings08
-Style: killorkiss12, runemidgard11, soldier01, pencil
-Faved Hero: royalcourt14, 1 coupon
-Jigsaw: atashi04, genuine12, sylvarant09, ink
-Notes: whistle09,prison15, ink
-Portrait: gotei1318, illusionofbeauty01, 1 coupon, ink
-Printed: circumstances05, blast06,brush
-Traded Jetfire (my waterlily10, chibified12 for summoner13, sylvarant17 and member cards)
-Traded Becca (my beyond14 for sylvarant11 and member cards)
-10 Artist Cards: ipd09, moetan01, +1 renown
-Traded Yujing (my identity06, dreamer12 for lightwarriors09, centralpark03)
Completed Illustrations 1: sylvarant04, rokkenjima17, darkhour08, +1 renown
-Traded Relle (my pursuit19 for angelegg03 and member cards)
-Traded Elin (my rainyday07 for battledoll12 and member cards)

-Random contest Participation: onechoice, pandora13, redwater04, pencil
-update freebies: seraisland07, mismatch13, ivalice14, checkmate11
-Freebies: sticker09
-Black Jack: bondomu18, underground10
-Memory: bondomu02, mirror19, pencil
-Fortune(f): aristocrat09, crew13, secretgarden12
-Bargain Bin: porcelain07, atashi17
-Good Comission: 1 coupon, trinityblood06, rainyday06, leapoffaith04, brush
-Pieces: thefinalbattle13, fuhgeddaboudit03
-Translator: angelegg13, alichino01
-Style: mismatch09, rain12, royalcourt15, paint
-wishing well: carnelian09, minicafe16, prejoin15, onechoice x 2
-Series (1): comic08
-Series (2): ipd20, avalanche06
-Series (3): amestris15, synthesis17, luxpain20
-Series (4): 1 coupon, amestris08, luxpain16, chibi08, pencil
-Traded Joey (my zloan06, sakurasong09 for zodiac17, sylvarant13 and member cards)
-Traded Nadyell (my day12 for zodiac08 and member cards)
-Traded Vbunny (my calendar01 for halloween17 and member cards)
-Traded Niota (my lovers01 for bite07 and member cards)
-Traded Chanda (my fireflies08 for battledoll14 and member cards)
-Traded rahenna (my eternalnight19 for sylvarant06 and member cards)
-Traded Nijaki (my thefinalbattle03 for halloween06 and member cards)
-Traded Eremis (my runemidgard08 for battledoll06 and member cards)
-Traded Nejana (my devilsawakening11, tornapart08 for zodiac14, zodiac19 and member cards)
-Traded Wing (my target11 for angelegg09 and member cards)
-Traded Kairi (my trueself04, trueself07 for sticker06, sylvarant09 and member cards)
-Traded Kristina (my underground09 for petals10 and member cards)
-Traded Lola (my strawhates10 for petals20 and member cards)
-Traded Jayme (my greatdetective14, rescueteam07 for cherryblossom16, sticker20 and member cards)
-Traded Kearin (my brokenwings10 for petals15 and member cards)
-Traded Lucathia (my acepicnic06 for puresoul08 and member cards)
-Traded Pshaman (my blast01 for spelvia07 and member cards)
-Traded Sen (my eternalnight11 for sticker11 and member cards)
-Traded Ralene (my elemia12 for hostclub08 and member cards)
-Traded Yujing (my neighbor02, neighbor16 for angelegg02, comic03 and member cards)
-Traded Chii (my bluedreams08 for spelvia13 and member cards)

-received my artist + studio cards
-update freebies: (10/18) banquet07, antimystery13, timelesslove08, puresoul07, petals02, mage16, dreamer12, target11, beyond14,  rainyday07,  acepicnic06, luxpain01, chibified12, tornapart08, embrace14
-update freebies: (10/23) cherryblossom01
-update freebies: (10/25) centralpark07, greatdetective14, spelvia09, lightwarriors07, identity06, purewater06, rescueteam07, clockroom07, day12, night10, fonon11, underground09, fireflies08, shimmer07, knaveofhearts14, magician10, sainttail07, hauntingsound12, carnelian07, runemidgard08
-Freebies: zodiac04
-Black Jack: calendar01, royalcourt02
-Memory: battledoll05, halloween18, ink
-Fortune(a): summoner04, blast01
-Bargain Bin: battledoll17, sainttail04
-Pieces: brokenwings10, overlord05
-Translator: rosebride06, godsofdeath12
-Pieces: risingstars06, bluedreams08, elemia12, brush
-Series ID: identity13, trueself07,brush, paint
-Printed: lovers01, fuhgeddaboudit12, brush
-Notes: prejoin05, imperialacademy15, paint

-Vote: strawhats10, blackrock02, brush

-Freebies: pursuit19
-Fortune(m): happymaria19
-Black Jack: bite01, bite06
-Memory: perfect18, torches14, pencil

-Prejoin Game Ouran Street: eternalnight19, birdcage19
-Prejoin Game sakuradrive: angelegg11, battledoll08
-Prejoin Game castleboulevard: picori05, lovers15, goldenrose19
-Prejoin Game arcadiatrail: thefinalbattle03, demonworld09, paint, ink
-Prejoin Game metalparade: hostclub19,  tencrystals02
-Prejoin Game deathnote alley: minicafe12, 1 coupon, paint
-Prejoin Game balladroute: bluerogues16, zloan06
-Prejoin Game arialane: blossoms16, whistle17
-Prejoin Game fateparkway: sticker10, sleepinglotus12, ink
-Prejoin Game fullmoon way: sakurasong09, neighbor16
-Prejoin Game linkavenue: picori20, sticker08, pencil, ink
-Prejoin Game trigunroad: psychic05, ontheroof13, 1 coupon, pencil
-Prejoin Game prejoin: eternalnight11, phantomsword12, 2 coupons, ink, paint
-freebies: happytogether06
-blackjack: cherryblossom15, neighbor02, brush
-memory: ink11, ingorgeous08, brush
-wheeloffortune(f): masks12, waterlily10, metafalica05

-Joined up!
-starter pack: sylvarant01, sylvarant02, sylvarant03, illusionofbeauty13, devilsawakening11, comic04, loveduet03, trueself04, ink, ink