Nyx's Cards

1 Up Log


-card swap: my chronotrigger03 for kunoichi19
-Traded Dysanne (my yoshi17, scorpion20 for fable12, fable20 and member cards)
-Traded Elen (my xenosaga203, xenosaga314, xenosaga320, diablo18 for ffivds10, ffivds14, tofsymphonia01, tofsymphonia06 and member cards)
-Traded Jetfire (my tokimemo07, worldendswithyou18 for legendofzelda14, legendofzelda19)
-Forum Purchased a Choice Card (-100 coins): fable09
-Mushroom Currency Turn-in (used $60): finalfantasyvi11, rekkanoken03, wildarms310, cammy04, fable08
-QotD: (12/21) cookingmama01
-Advent Calendar: (12/22) sims220, finalfantasyx01 (12/23) squallleonhart03, ladysylvanas12, chunli16
-completed trading chip 1: pikachu10, yuber11, fable07, $5

-Traded Rena (my assassinscreed211, assassinscreed218 for fable04, spacechannel505 and member cards)
-Traded Aelyria (my kainhighwind19, ff1308, smariogalaxy203, smariogalaxy213 for fable15, kunoichi10, sims216, tofsymphonia15 and member cards)
-Traded Lethe (my grandia19, renalanford05, diabloII09, diabloII18 for kingdomhearts06, popww05, spyrothedragon20, supermario6410 and member cards)

-Forum Weekly Freebies: tofsymphonia11, sora16, xingcai06
-Advent Calendar: (12/21) worldendswithyou20, animalcrossing08, worldendswithyou03, pkmngs18

-update freebies: squallleonhart06, squallleonhart02, pkmngs13, pkmngs10, spyrothedragon15, spyrothedragon09, sora01, sora14, okami11, xingcai16, xingcai07, smas12
-weekly question: legendofzelda17
-weekly freebies: pkmngs07
-Advent Calendar: (12/18) spacechannel513, ssbbrawl06, squallleonhart01 (12/19) fable05, fable06 (12/20) sims209, finalfantasyiv20
-Guess the Number: tenkuunorequiem01
-Pick a Console: okami11, samuraiwarriors09, $10
-Tic Tac Toe: twilightprincess16, doom308, $5
-Video Game Trivia: caocao05, oscar13, diablo18
-Card Puzzle: finalfantasyvi11, wow12
-Distorted Game Cover: twilightprincess17, doom306
-Locations: hariyakounoshin05, smas15
-Member Pages: legendofzelda15, ladysylvanas17
-Distorted Character: fable15, suikodeniii07
-Traded Lyn (my supermariobros01 for fable11 and member cards)
-Traded Ayay (my comicgarden04, tenkuunorequiem06, xenogears12, xenogears18, cammy13 for your sims207, sims214, sims217, spacechannel501, spacechannel508 and member cards)
-Traded Rahenna (my terrabranford08 for tofsymphonia07 and member cards)
-Traded Abigail (my wow14 for legendofzelda11 and member cards)
-Traded Anna (my bioshock11 for fable16 and member cards)
-Traded Catherine (my pikachu10 for finalfantasyx09 and member cards)

-Lost Christmas Activity Extra: cweatherfield04, deadoralive415, 1choicereg
-Advent Calendar: (12/17) sims202, finalfantasyiv06, finalfantasyx03
-Forum Weekly freebies: legendofzelda01, spacechannel511, animalcrossing05
-Level Up to 3: fable02, borderlands15, gearsofwar09

-Traded Jamie (my wow20 for dantesinferno04 and member cards)
-update freebies: ddrhp13, ddrhp11, finalfantasyiv09, finalfantasyiv08, finalfantasyvi10, finalfantasyvi17, legendofzelda20, legendofzelda04, grandia06, grandia19, spacechannel511, spacechannel506, ssbbrawl10, ssbbrawl16, doom313, kuja15, assassinscreed211
-weekly freebies: spacechannel502
-Guess the Number: diabloII18
-Lottery: kingdomhearts13
-Pick a Console: assassinscreed218, comicgarden04
-Tic Tac Toe: cookingmama18, pokemonstadium18, $5
-Word Scramble: scorpion20, bloodrayne205
-Video Game Trivia: bioshock11, xenogears12, wowwotlk02
-Release Dates: xenosaga314, xenogears18
-Lost Christmas Activity: (angel) cammy13 (tree)  kuja13 (snowman) xenosaga203 (santa) supermario6401 (reindeer) renalanford05
-Advent Calendar: (12/12) fable19, finalfantasyx02, poptsot05 (12/13) kunoichi03, subzero14, subzero13 (12/14) ffivds12, pikachu12, $10 (12/15) legendofzelda16, legendofzelda02, sims201 (12/16) $20
-update question: legendofzelda05
-Level Up to 2: fable01, finalfantasyvi15, terrabranford08

-Joined up!
-Starter Pack: fable10, fable03, fable17, finalfantasyx05, xenosaga320, tokimemo07, dantesinferno05, finalfantasyx18, tenkuunorequiem06, poptsot10
-guess the number: animalcrossing16, smariogalaxy213
-pick a console: 20
-release dates: kunoichi09, chronotrigger03
-tic tac toe: wow14, chronotrigger13, 5
-video game trivia: wowwotlk08, ff1308
-card puzzle: diabloII09, smariogalaxy203
-distorted game cover: faith04, supermariobros01
-locations: wildarms302, kainhighwind19
-crossword: popttt16, sims208, yoshi17, 5
-image puzzle: supermariobros11, pikachu10, wow20, 5
-memory: ffivds07, oscar12
-weekly freebie: residentevil510
-missingmario: godofwar305, diabloII11
-4-in-1: popttt05, haloreach19
-update freebies: princesspeach11, worldendswithyou18, kunoichi15, finalfantasyx12, pokemonstadium14