Memento Log

6 Jul

-Claim-a-rama: crossdress12, crossdress15

-Donated badge set (double rewards): dna02, coach05, scissors06, devil04, snowwhite08, embryo02, loveme03, cafe14, 3choiceregular, 1choiceregular, 2choicememento
-Donated 2 Deck Image Sets: playboy01, wishes14, feathers12, ring14, 2choiceregular
-Maora’s Budget Balancing (participant): wishes02, persocom01
-Referral: scissors01, crossdress13, crossdress05
-update freebies: (grand “opening”) crossdress02, photograph02, deus02, angel04, scissors04, blackstones02, dougen01
-update freebies: (“chess”) crossdress03, photograph03, deus03, scissors05, suzaku03
-update freebies: caged15, coach11, cosplay01, cosplay16, eitoku01, facade01, facade02, facade16, loveme01, redriver12, sadako09, snowwhite10, soeur07, tennyo09, event05, layout02
-Sano’s Toybox: (one) soeur15 (two) strangers20
-Fuu’s Glasses: shinigami01, ring02
-Tohru’s Laundry: redriver13, caged08
-Sakura’s Card Capture: zodiac07
-Nokoru’s Private Investigations: pureblood13, snowwhite11
-Mitsuki’s Magazine: flanprince04, shinigami05
-ouran host club: duel14
-Jeanne’s Jigsaw: wishes01, mashin03, deus04, candyblue
-Kajika’s Ninja Challenge: eitoku12, suzaku01, candyred
-Hinoto’s Visions: (one) cafe02 (two) embryo14, candyblue (three) cute07, sadako14 (four) platinum12, ring14, candyblue

-update freebies: (7/13) suzaku01, suzaku02, pureblood16, photograph01
-prejoin deck completion: prejoin14
-Traded Dite (my devil11, flanprince07 for scissors03, scissors11 and member cards)
-traded luchia (my lotis04 for scissors09 and member cards)

-traded Kairi (my embryo15 for scissors02 and member cards)

-replied to starter pack: persocom03

-Joined up!
-starter pack: lotis04, strangers10, devil11, flanprince10, dysfunctional18, messiah17, scissors20, scissors08, scissors13, scissors14, member card
-update freebies: (June 25) layout01, event03 (July 01) angel01, flanprince07, angel02 (today) event04, blackstones01, stars02, dougen11, embryo15, deus01, crossdress01
-shizumasa-sama’s…?: wishes07, apocalypse12
-usio’s notebook: scissors08, stars07, 2choicememento
-maguri’s yakuza rampage: dougen04, child04, 3choiceregular
-haine’s bodyguard-ing misfortunes: dysfunctional13, angel03, clow08, 1choicememento


5″X7.5″ Log

28 Jun

-update freebies: promo_deus004, deusr04, deuss02_var, deussc04, voice007, sticker 75members
-the grabber: fairypark020
-identity crisis: (medium) wolf001, brother016
-get my meaning: shikon018, renaissance007
-the cake stealer: chosen004, pulse010, cake03
-file fiasco: cephiro019
-puzzles: (easy) brownr04
-puzzles: (hard) cephirosc01
-puzzles: (series) origin012
-facemeld: (one) pulse020, oniichan011
-facemeld: (two) highjump018, hollow002
-teleport: (one) nypds03 (three) platinumr06
-sticker dispenser: traded blastia_a for deus_a

-update freebies: (monochrome donate) monochrome002, monochromer01
-update freebies: purpler02, monochrome001, garden001, cursed002, artwork001
-jigsaw: synthesiss05
-fill in the blank: (one) contractr10 (two) queenr10
*-Traded Fayte (my wishes010 for cursed001 and member stickers)
*-Traded Trinity (my renaissances03 for seigakus01)

-update freebies: badluck006, nittlegrasper008, shounen002, shounenr01
-trivia challenge: (one) embryo001 (two) across014 (three) tortoise003 (four) pulse015 (five) legend012 (six) gang001 (seven) secrets008 (eight) gang007 (nine) windowwasher014 (ten) heartless016 (final) twilightr02, keions03, promo_shoujo003
-cardmaker sidekicks 1st place: sidekicksr07, brushr10, shoujo005, contractor018, sticker 7_sidekicks1
*-Traded Chivere (my abyss007 for garden003 and member stickers)

-the grabber: chainr09, seigakusc01
-update freebies: (08/20) tengu018, lasplagas018, embryo004, renaissances03
-update freebies: (08/23) garden002, cursed003
-identity crisis: (hard) innocence007, chain010, trepanation005, sticker rasetsu_a
-identity crisis: (easy) scouts011
-get my meaning: recapture005, onmyouji016
-file fiasco: senshi004
-speak up: (one) cephiro008 (two) shoujo014
-facemeld: (one) revolution014, yorozuya020
-facemeld: (two) gambit007, pink006
-puzzles: (series) bounty020
-puzzles: (easy) platinumr01
-puzzles: (hard) artworksc01
-memory: cephiro009, text010
-line up: kiras05
-checkout: synthesisr03
-waterlogged: (one) blastiasc01 (two) senshir04
-the shady dealer: promo_oniichan003
-cosplay: (one) secretsr03
-cosplay: (series) model002

*-Traded Corbin (my kira017, wolf010, wolf020, kirar03 for voice011, voice012, garden007, voicer09)
-update freebies: deussc03, purple002
-click and drag: (memory) hollow020 (2) fallen017 (3) gender017 (4) rhode005
-click and drag: (puzzle) yellow020 (2) undine012 (3) voice010 (4) drug018
-click and drag: (jigsaw) chosen017 (2) otaku003
-click and drag: (final) fairyparkr01, gullwingss01, promo_kusabi001

-Update Freebies: (08/14) renaissance018, mu017, promo_deus003, voice006
-Update freebies: (08/16) debt001, kira017, deusr08, voice016
-musical chairs: pack
-jigsaw: vongolasc04
-survey: shounens02
-fill in the blank: (2) greenr03 (1) gangr08
-follow my lead: (links) (1) checkmate005 (5) pulse014 (3) villains013 (4) otaku014
-follow my lead: (clues) (1) blitz011 (5) mobilesuit017 (3) redriver014 (4) strawhat007
-the grabber: rasetsus03
-identity crisis: (easy) wishes010 (hard) fonons013, netherworld014, debtr07, bounty_d sticker
-get my meaning: revenge014, senshi016
-cake stealer: chosen011, blue016, cake01
-file fiasco: lotis016
-speak up: (one) garden011 (two) debt002
-facemeld: (two) green009
-puzzles: (easy) onmyoujir09
-scrambled: (one, 1) red013 (2) spirit016 (3) origin004 (4) kirar03
-cuts: purple018, text019
-scrambled: (two, 1) cursed005 (3) fonons020 (2) cursed012 (4) blitzr04

-update freebies: voice002, purpler03

-the grabber: divas01
-update freebies: dream014, focus010, deussc01, deuss01_var
-leveled up: promo_villains002, deusr02, mistletoe010, materia016, elibe013, pack
-identity crisis: (hard) pack
-identity crisis: (medium) cephiro018, heartless020
-identity crisis: (easy) journey010
-the cake stealer: fallen016, britannia018, cake03
-file fiasco: pulse007
-speak up: (two) gear007
-speak up: (one) purple005
-facemeld: (one) platinum005, focus017
-puzzles: (easy) seigakur02
-puzzles: (series) silkylove017

-update freebies: (08/05) blackmail001, chaotic014, pulse001, deusr01, gardenr03
-update freebies: (08/06) brown012, browns01, brown001, f4002, red002, immortal009
-memory: heroes006, fairypark007
-line up: curseds04
-waterlogged: (series) yorozuyasc02
-waterlogged: (namco) brownr03
-checkout: reaperr07

-update freebies: promo_deus001, voice003, voice020

-the grabber: purplesc03
-identity crisis: (easy) cephiro005
-identity crisis: (medium) artwork016, purple013
-identity crisis: (hard) pack
-scavenger hunt participant: senshir06, feathers016, 13_scavenger sticker
-first letter, last letter third place: fonons012, wolf020, shikon004, pack, objection_b sticker, 13_firstlast3 sticker
-get my meaning: synthesis019, britannia001
-the cake stealer: revolution010, elemia001, cake02
-file fiasco: cursed018
-puzzle: (easy) hollowr07

-partial mastery Deus Base: voice001
-jigsaw: otakusc05
-family tree: (series) artwork008
-family tree: (character) highjump010, villains014
-fill in the blank: (one) chosenr05 (two) gardenr07
-cardmaker sidekicks and companions: cursed008, blackmagic017 + stickers companions no. 5, sidekickes no. 5

-Traded Luciel (my mistletoe006 for deus010 and member stickers)
-Identity Crisis: (hard) wishes016, lotis014, notebookr10
-Get my meaning: resonance011, blackmagic008
-the cake stealer: model009, senshi009, cake01
-file fiasco: wolf014
-speak up: (one) green003
-speak up: (two) pureblood012
-facemeld: (one) green011
-the grabber: precincts01_var
-puzzle: (series) voice005
-puzzle: (easy) parasiter05
-puzzle: (hard) igurasc02
-teleport: (one) britannias04
-teleport: (two) waaagh017
-teleport: (three) voicer02

-update freebies: purple001, purple014, purpler01
-memory: notebook003, netherworld009
-line up: contractsc01
-checkout: zaiphonr10
-waterlogged: (series) divas03
-waterlogged: (mangaka) runemidgardr02

-Traded Luchia (my demonking006, highjump016, meifu011, red004, f4r02, feathersr01, waters02 for deus003, deus006, deus009, deus011, deusr03, deusr06, deussc02)
*-Traded Graverunner (my impure012, impure015 for blast007, voice017)
-Update freebies: gear016

-identity crisis: (hard) justice020, elemia015, chosen018, sticker blastia_a
-get my meaning: oniichan002, leafe015
-the cake stealer: innocence007, origin012, cake03
-file fiasco: gang017
-speak up: (two) alchemy011
-speak up: (one) pureblood004
-cosplay: (series) samurai014
-cosplay: (two) senshir08
-cosplay: (one) seigakur07
-puzzles: (series) shoujo017
-puzzles: (easy) teitenr06
-puzzles: (hard) heroessc02
-the grabber: seigakus04, wishes017
-traded sullee (my otaku014, otaku019 for cursed019, cursed020 and member stickers)

-update freebies: oniichan001, otaku014
-identity crisis: (hard) pack
-identity crisis: (medium) f4001, senshi017
-get my meaning: feathers011, cephiro011
-the cake stealer: voice018, otaku019, cake02
-file fiasco: synthesis015
-puzzles: (easy) legendr04
-puzzles: (hard) pinks05
-family tree: (series) garden005
-family tree: (character) villains016, blue020
-jigsaw: alchemys01
-fill in the blank: (one) tennyor03 (two) blitzr03
-scrambled: (one, words) (1) hollow016 (2) checkmate010 (3) cursed016 (series) redr07
-scrambled: (two, words) (1) lucius005 (2) diva018 (3) watashi010 (series) strawhatr06
-the shady dealer: promo_voice005
-donated master badges: pack, donate master badge sticker
-click and drag: (memory) (1) pureblood010 (2) seisho002 (3) blitz017 (4) shoujo003
-click and drag: (puzzle) (1) teiten009 (2) silkylove003 (3) bellliberty006 (4) sanctuary003
-click and drag: (jigsaw) (1) cephiro014 (2) wolf010
-click and drag: (finished) promo_blast003, secretssc04, rosebrider01

-memory: impure015, yellow001
-line up: purebloods04
-check out: cephiror07

-follow my lead: (links) (1) secrets007 (2) blast010 (5) kusabi012 (3) pureblood019 (4) celestial017
-follow my lead: (codes) (5) strawhat018 (4) heroes017 (3) shoujo015 (1) shounen010 (2) red001
-follow my lead: (leader) divar10, shoujos05, promo_garden003
-shady dealer: promo_heroes002

-update freebie: fairypark020
-Traded Dite (my yellow007, animus002, blue010, forbidden010, heroes002 for deus002, deus007, deus012, deus013, deus019 and member stickers)
-Traded Bunny (my leafesc03 for gardensc04 and member stickers)
-Traded Schaly (my calnus002, villains003, heroes020 for deus001, deus018, deus020 and member stickers)
-Traded Corbin (my wolf008 for deus015 and member stickers)

-identity crisis: (easy) gender007
-identity crisis: (medium) shounen001, blitz015
-identity crisis: (hard) 1 pack (opened: sky004, lotis003, nypdr10)
-get my meaning: villains003, parasite009
-cake stealer: kishin013, strangers014, cake01
-file fiasco: alchemy014
-speak up: (one) trials011
-speak up: (two) hakutaku006
-puzzle: (series) f4020
-puzzle: (easy) wizardryr02
-puzzle: (hard) queensc03
-Traded Rinlingyo (my onmyouji015 for deus017 and member stickers)
-facemeld: (one) voice004, hollow018
-facemeld: (two) metafalica002, abyss004
-for replying to starter pack: garden012
-the grabber: shoujosc05
-Traded Hotaru (my legend011, wishes001 for deus014, deus016 and member stickers)

-Traded Trinity (my villainsr01, blue016 for deus005, gardenr01 and member stickers)
-the grabber: mercenaries002

-update freebie: pink007
-family tree: (series) fonons015
-family tree: (character) heroes002, artwork017
-jigsaw: jiendias03
-fill in the blank: belllibertyr08, (2) feathersr01

-puzzle: (series) samurai011
-identity crisis: (easy) garden014
-puzzle: (series) artwork012
-line up: leafesc03
-scrambled: (one, scrambled) (1) forbidden010 (2-3) sacrifice001 (4-5) strawhat014 (series) textr04
-scrambled: (two, scrambled) (1) blast009 (2-3) drug002 (4-5) seigaku018 (series) revenger03
-cosplay: (one) reaperr03 (two) netherworldr09 (theme) demonking006
-teleport: (name) curseds02
-teleport: (origin) bellliberty012
-teleport: (location) forbiddenr04
-click & drag: (memory) (1) checkmate002 (2) red004 (3) garden017 (4) garden010
-click & drag: (puzzle) (1) water003 (2) celestial019 (3) impure012 (4) gullwings004
-click & drag: (jigsaw) (1) cephiro016 (2) heroes020
-click & drag: (finish) embryor07, reapers05, promo_heroes004
-Trivia: (1) blast012 (2) voice013 (3) metafalica019 (4) onmyouji015 (5) seigaku005 (6) abyss007 (7) animus002 (8) rhode020 (9) coralian017 (10) materia017
-Trivia: (finish) cursedr02, waters02, promo_shounen005
-follow my lead: (links) (4) sanctuary004 (5) shounen008 (3) yellow007 (2) wishes001 (1) blastia020
-follow my lead: (codes) (5) seigaku014 (3) f4018 (4) mistletoe006 (1) meifu011 (2) legend011
-follow my lead: (leader) artworkr08, voices04, promo_silkylove004
-Recieved sticker (member Nyx)

-Starter Pack: calnus002, deus004, deus008, embryo012, promo_deus002, rasetsu012, time007, villainsr01
-recieved member stickers (member, member #122)
-Identity crisis: (medium) highjump016, artwork005
-Get my meaning: blue010, gang013
-the cake stealer: britannia001, expel003, cake03
-file fiasco: blast001
-puzzle: (easy) contractorr08
-puzzle: (hard) recaptures03
-facemeld: shounen013, queen007
-family tree: (series) abyss011
-family tree: (character) blue016, brush008
-jigsaw: revenges04
-fill in the blank: heartlessr05, (2) silkylover01
-memory: chosen010, wolf008
-checkout: britanniar06
-waterlogged: f4sc04, (2) f4r02

-Joined up!

Endless Story Log

28 Jun

No older posts, yet!

Clampaign Log

26 Jun

-mastered Malshirahime: amkrwish04, mtrcsubaru06, xmkr206, mokona plushie
-Star #3: xccs301, xnopeople02
-Star #5: nothing
-Received Elementary ID
-Piffle Princess Co.: received raffle28, raffle29, raffle30 tickets
-White Elephant: token x 10

-Christmas (I): moilapart16, mshirahimewolf09, mxyuzuriha03
-Christmas (N): accskaho02, acgjeremiah06, amkrlantis02
-Christmas (T): xclover07, xmbishounen13
-Christmas (E): accscerberus07, mchobitsyuzuki02, mxfuma14
-Arashis arithmetic: mduklyontakeshi05, mwishsyuichiro04
-Ashuras archeology: mccskaho09, mmkrgeo02, mxkaren15
-Lelouchs linguistics: malkaede13, mxsorata09
-Hokutos hospitality: accsyukito05, acgli12
-Eagles engineering: accssyaoran14, mccsyamazaki01
-Sakuras speech: accssakura07, akobatofujimoto08
-Traded Jayme (my accssuppi06, akobatoioryogi11 for malshirahime06, malshuko08)
-Traded Chibki (my mchobitsfreya06 for malwizard11 and kindergarten ids)
-Traded Shert (my xmanyfaces14, mxkamui10, mxsatsuki08, mxyuzuriha13, mduklyonkentaro15, mmiyukijob01, mmiyukimahjong12, amkreagle02, amkrlantis11 for malshuko06, malkotaro11, accscatchyou12, accscatchyou13, xmmascot11, moilmarriage12, moilimissyou03, moilimissyou04, moilimissyou10)
-Traded Jupernia (my mmkrumi04, mchobitsfreya15, mxxxholickohane02, mxxxholickohane06, mxxxholickohane16 for malshirahime08, malhikaru15, malsuzuka04, malohijiro07, maltamayo11 and kindergarten ids)
-Traded Lethe (my acgcecile09 for malkotaro10)
-Traded Aelyria (my acgcornelia04, acgeuphemia14, acgnunnally09, mkobatoioryogi07, mkobatokobato15, mxxxholichimawari15 for malhikaru01, malmisaki01, malmisaki03, malshirahime03, malshirahime04, malwizard02)
-Piffle Princess Co. (purchased 2 choice, -6 mokona plushie): malshirahime05, malshirahime12

-update freebies: xsuki09, aalstarrysky05
-Syaorans sociology: maltamayo12, moilpretty16
-Chiis chemistry: mccsrika03, mxsorata05
-Primeras philosophy: mxfuma07, mxseiichiro02
-Eriis etymology: malshirahime16, mmkrlantis04, mtbseishiro08
-Oruhas orchestra: acgrolo04, acgvilletta09
-Discussion: accstomoyo14, akobatosayaka16, amkrtarta09, mxnataku01
-survey: xmmascot14, xsuki04, mokona plushie
-Star #4: mccschiharu12, mwishkohaku15, mxxxholickohane16

-Traded Shert (my mxkakyo04, mduklyontakeshi11, mduklyontakeshi13, mmiyukitv15, mtrckurogane06, mtrckurogane09, mxkusanagi02, mxseiichiro05, mxxxholicwatanuki16 for malathena05, malathena11, malhikaru06, malichiro16, malkotaro04, malmisaki07, malohjiro02, malsuzuka10, mshirahimewolf13 and kindergarten ids)
-Star #3: acgcecile09, amkralcyone13
-update freebies: accsplatinum02
-fays fashion: acgohgi01, acgsuzaku02
-Chiis chemistry: mmiyukimiyuki08, moilimissyou11
-Oruhas orchestra: akobatoioryogi11, amkrzagato09
-Eriis etymology: malathena08, malmisaki05, mduklyontakeshi04
-Syaorans sociology: mccseriol16, mmiyukijob01
-Primeras philosophy: mccskero14, mtbseishiro14
-Discussion: acgshirley02, amkrfuu14, mmkrtatra11, xkiseki08
-Traded Lethe (my acganya12, acgcc12, acgcecile13, acgcecile16, mccstomoyo03, mmkrcaldina10, mmkrcaldina15, moilcute01, mtrckamui02, mtrckamui08, mtrcsakura13, mtrcsyaoran11, mtrcyuko15, mwishhisui10, mxxxholicyuko15 for aalbemyangel08, aalbemyangel09, malhatoko02, malhatoko07, malichiro08, malichiro09, malkotaro08, malmisaki06, malohijiro10, malohijiro12, malsuzuka03, malwizard16, aalameagari07, aalameagari09, malhatoko06)

Piffle Princess Co. (purchased blue gift bag, -5 mokona plushie): accscerberus04, mcloverkazuhiko04, xmanyfaces14, token x 3, giftblue, raffle01, raffle02
-Traded Andrea (my mxnataku01 for malshirahime01)
-Halloween (turning in candies) accsplatinum03, acggino11, mmkrtarta07, moilcourage16, mtrckamui02, mwishhisui10, mxarashi04, mxxxholicyuko15, xwish07, mokono plushie, token
-update freebies: (11/06) malshirahime07, xwish01
-Syaorans sociology: mmkrcaldina15, mtbseishiro08
-Primeras philosophy: mkobatokobato15, mxxxholichimawari15
-Chiis chemistry: mtrcsyaoran11, mwishhariruri16
-Eriis etymology: mduklyonkentaro15, mkobatoioryogi07, mmkrclef02
-Oruhas orchestra: acgohgi07, akobatosayaka04
-Fays fashion: accscerberus14, amkrtarta07
-Discussion: accsplatinum01, acgcornelia04, mxyuzuriha13, xrgveda12
-Bishounen brawl: mccssuppi03, mchobitsfreya06, mcloversu03, mokona plushie
-Star #5: xcheerio205, xwish12
-School detectives: acgdiethard09, moilapart03, mxkamui10, mokona plushie
-Angelic layer tokens: akobatosayaka09 for 6 tokens
-Angelic layer tokens: amkrtatra08 for 6 tokens
-Angelic layer tokens: accskaho07 for 6 tokens
-Angelic Layer Round 1: guard: mokona plushie, -1 token > dodge: -1 token > attack: -2 token > attack: aalameagari06, akobatosayaka02, -2 tokens > dodge: -1 token, LOSE
-Angelic Layer Round 2: attack: malsuzuka08, mtrckamui08, mokona plushie, -2 tokens, WIN
-Angelic Layer Round 3: attack: aalbemyangel02, achobitsletme16, -2 tokens > guard: -1 token > dodge: acgkaguya09, acgrolo03, -1 token > attack: -2 tokens > guard: -1 token, LOSE
-Angelic Layer Round 4: attack: acgjeremiah16, acgrakshata06, -2 tokens > guard: mokona plushie, -1 token > dodge: accsplatinum12, accssyaoran16, -1 token > guard: mccsfujitaka15, mxseishiro11, -1 token >attack: -2 tokens > guard: -1 token, LOSE

-voted: mtrcfay02

-Discussion: accscatchyou10, acggilbert11, mmiyukimiyuki14, mxsatsuki08 PLUS candy03, candy08, candy04
-Oruhas orchestra: acgtianzi15, acgvv08
-Eriis etymology: mchobitshideki15, mtbseishiro02, mxkamui08 PLUS candy02, candy07
-Chiis chemistry: mclovergingetsu02, mmkrferio04
-Primeras philosophy: mccsspinelsun13, mxxxholicame03 PLUS candy12
-Syaorans sociology: mmkrfuu04, mmkrmokona05 PLUS candy12, candy09
-Oct. Vote: mkobatokobato02

-campus dcb: xmmascot16, mxxxholicwatanuki13
-Star #4: nothing
-Halloween (Flickering lights): accskero05, acganya12, mccsrubymoon06
-Halloween (Seating): aalbemyangel07, mmkreagle10, mrgvedasouma11 PLUS candy05, candy13, candy09
-Halloween (Invitation): mduklyonnokoru03, mtrcfay07 PLUS candy10
-Arashis arithmetic: mshirahimepreface04, mtrcfeiwangreed07 PLUS candy13, candy08
-Ashuras archeology: acgdiethard11, acgeuphemia15, mxxxholickohane15 PLUS candy07
-Eagles engineering: amkrtarta06, mwishsyuichiro12 PLUS candy11 x 2, candy06
-Hokutos hospitality: malathena15, mduklyonerii05
-Discussion: acgcornelia05, acgeuphemia14, amkrclef01, mmkrlafarga06 PLUS candy06, candy07 x 2
-Sakuras speech: acgcc12, amkrprimera01 PLUS candy02
-Lelouchs linguistics: mkobatofujimoto06, mxxxholickohane02

-update freebies: aalameagari01, aalbemyangel01
-Halloween (Haunted House): malichiro01, malmisaki08, mccseriol06
-Halloween (Costume): accssuppi06, akobatokobato02
-Syaorans sociology: mccssyaoran06, mchobitsfreya15
-Primeras philosophy: mtrckurogane09, mtrcyuko15
-Chiis chemistry: mmiyukimahjong12, mxkakyo04
-Eriis etymology: mccskero03, moilimissyou15, moilmarriage16
-Fays fashion: acgcecile13, amkrumi04
-Oruhas orchestra: aalbemyangel11, acgvv11
-Discussion: mccseriol08, mkobatokobato13, moilnormal04, mxkusanagi02
-Bishounen brawl: malwizard07, mccstomoyo03, mmurikuri16, mokona plushie
-School detectives: accssyaoran09, mccssonomi12, mccssyaoran05, mokona plushie
-Traded Leanne (my mccseriol05 for malathena16 and kindergarten ids)

-Campus DCB: mduklyontakeshi11, xmbishounen13
-Syaorans sociology: mmiyukitv15, mtrckurogane06
-Primeras philosophy: malkaede03, mduklyontakeshi13
-Chiis chemistry: acgsuzaku11, amkrfuu07
-Eriis etymology: moilmarriage01, mxfuma04, mxseiichiro05
-Oruhas orchestra: acgohgi13, amkreagle02
-Discussion: acgtianzi16, mkobatokobato11, mmkrferio12, mxnataku01

-Arashis arithmetic: amkrfuu12, amkrtatra08
-Ashuras archeology: mmkrprimera15, mxhinoto12, xyoureyesonly15
-Lelouchs linguistics: mccsyukito15, mclovergingetsu12
-Eagles engineering: maltamayo15, mmiyukix08
-Hokutos hospitality: amkrfuu06, mmkrclef04, mmkrferio05

-Traded Andrea (my moiltogether12, mxfuma15, mxsatsuki06 for malhikaru13, malshirahime09, malshirahime11 and kindergarten ids)
-Traded Aelyria (my acgvilletta01, acgvilletta03, akobatofujimoto12, mchobitsfreya08, mchobitsfreya10, mkobatofujimoto09, mkobatoioryogi12, mmiyukimahjong03, mmiyukivideogame15 for malathena04, malathena12, malkaede06, malohijiro14, malshirahime02, malshirahime13, mccscerberus03, mccsfujitaka10, mmkrgeo05 and kindergarten ids)
-Traded Shert (my mxkaren03, mxkusanagi15, mxseishiro16, mxsorata04 for malhikaru12, malkotaro05, malkotaro07, malmisaki04 and kindergarten ids)
-Traded Allie (my acgkaguya04, acgkallen07 for malhikaru04, malshirahime16 and kindergarten ids)
-Traded Joey (my mxxxholicyuko10, acglloyd02, acgshirley07, acgzero06 for malhikaru02, malkotaro02, malsuzuka02, malsuzuka16 and kindergarten ids)
-Traded Jayme (my mccsspinelsun04 for mmkrhikaru01 and kindergarten ids)
-Traded Jannet (my accstouya01, acgrolo12 for malathena07, malwizard10 and kindergarten ids)
-Traded Hotaru (my mtrcfay09, mtrcfeiwangreed09, mtrcfeiwangreed14, mtrckurogane10 for malhikaru11, malhikaru14, malkaede10,  malshirahime10 and kindergarten ids)
-Traded Ayay (my amkralcyone02, amkrnova16, amkrsanyun07, amkrsanyun10, mmkralcione04 for malathena03, malkaede02, malshuko12, maltamayo03, malwizard05 and kindergarten ids)
-Traded Kairi (my mduklyonerii05, mduklyonerii13 for malhikaru09, malhikaru10 and kindergarten ids)

-update freebies: mshirahimewolf01
-Discussion: akobatokobato03, malshuko14, mmkrtarta12, mxxxholickohane06
-Syaorans sociology: mkobatokobato08, mmkremeraude04
-Primeras philosophy: acgkallen07, acgshirley07
-Chiis chemistry: amkrnova16, mmkrgeo12
-Eriis etymology: mccscerberus06, mshirahimewolf02, mtrcfeiwangreed09
-Fays fashion: mccseriol05, mmkrferio01
-Oruhas orchestra: acglloyd02, acgnunnally09
-Bishounen brawl: malshuko10, moilcute01, moilmarriage03, mokona plushie
-School detectives: acgzero06, mmkrlafarga13, mxxxholicyuko10, mokona plushie
-Angelic Layer tokens: exchanged moilapart15, moilcourage06, moilcourage07 for 18 tokens
-Angelic Layer Round 1: dodge: accsyue12, acgkaguya04, -1 token > guard: -1 token > attack: acggilbert07, amkremeraude09, -2 tokens > attack: -2 tokens > attack: acgdiethard07, akobatosayaka09, -2 tokens > dodge: -1 token > attack//win: mccsterada06, moilimissyou07, mokona plushie, -2 tokens
-Angelic Layer Round 2: dodge: -1 token > attack: -2 tokens > attack//lose: -2 tokens
-found error: accsmeiling06
-Star #1: mmkrcaldina10, mmkrumi04, moilinsecure01

-Star #5: accsyukito16, malkaede01, mtrckurogane10

-voted: amkrsanyun07
-received kindergarten student id
-Traded Lethe (my mxkotori09, mxxxholicmoro13 for accskero04, malwizard01)
-Traded Lethe (my mxxxholicyuko08 for malkaede03 and kindergarten IDs)

-found bottled star 2
-Lelouchs linguistics: mkobatofujimoto09, mwishhariruri04
-Hokuto’s hospitality: malkaede16, mtrcfay09, mxseishiro16
-Arashis arithmetic: acgvilletta03, amkraska08
-Eagles engineering: mtrcsakura13, mxxxholicyuko08
-Sakuras speech: acgtianzi11, akobatofujimoto12
-Ashuras archeology: acgcecile16, mmkraska16, moiltogether12

-Traded Shert (my mxarashi08 for malshuko13)

-Primeras philosophy: accskaho07, acgvilletta01
-Chiis chemistry: mccssakura15, moilcourage07
-Eriis etymology: mmiyukivideogame15, mxkotori09, mxxxholicmoro13
-Oruhas orchestra: mmkralcione04, moilcute12

-Traded Sullee (my mxxxholicyuko13 for malwizard14)

-Traded Lethe (my mcloverranc16, mmkrferio08, mxkotori16, mxsubaru14 for malohijiro09, mccscerberus16, mccseriol08, mccsfujitaka14)
-update freebies: accskero01, accstouya01
-Lelouchs linguistics: acgrolo12, mxkaren03
-Arashis arithmetic: amkraska01, amkremeraude13
-Hokutos hospitality: accsyukito14, acgli09, amkrsanyun10
-Eagles engineering: mchobitsfreya10, mduklyonerii05
-Sakuras speech: amkralcyone02, amkrlantis11

-donated to xmbishoujo deck: mrgvedasouma06, xmbishoujo08
-Syaorans sociology: mmkrgeo13, mmkrtatra14
-Primeras philosophy: mmkrgeo09, mxxxholicyuko13
-Chiis chemistry: mmkrlantis05, moilcourage06
-Oruhas orchestra: malhatoko08, mxkanoe02

-Arashis arithmetic: mmiyukimahjong03, mxsorata04
-Ashuras archeology: mccstouya10, mccstouya13, mmkrferio08
-Lelouchs linguistics: mcloverranc16, moilnormal04
-Eagles engineering: mduklyonerii13, mxsubaru14
-Hokutos hospitality: mmkrgeo06, mtrcfeiwangreed14, mxkotori16
-Sakuras speech: mchobitsfreya08, mxkusanagi15
-Traded Sullee (my mtrcyuko07 for malshirahime15)

-Traded Shert (my mtbseishiro04 for mmkrlafarga06)
-School detectives: mduklyonerii07, mmkrlantis10, 1 mokona plushie
-Angelic layer tokens: mduklyonerii07 for 6 tokens
-Angelic Layer Round one: Guard//fail:  -1 token
-Angelic Layer Round two: Guard: -1 token > Attack//win: mccsyukito06, mrgvedaryuuou03, mokona plushie, -2 tokens

-starter pack: malathena09, malathena15, malshirahime14, mccscerberus12, mmkrlafarga02, moilapart15, mtrcyuko07, mxsatsuki06, mxsorata16, xkiseki05, mokona plushie
-Primeras philosophy: mccskero14, mmkremeraude09
-Chiis chemistry: malwizard08, mccseriol05
-Eriis etymology: mccskero07, moilimissyou15, mxfuma15
-Fays fashion: mtbseishiro04, mxarashi08
-Oruhas orchestra: mccsspinelsun04, mkobatoioryogi12

Showdown Log

25 Jun

No older posts, yet!

Moonlight Legend Log

19 Jun

-odd one out: flamesniper11, venusmoon04, 1 Starseed Point
-sequence: layoutone03, channeltwo06, regular coupon, 1 Starseed Point

-zoom: mercuryappears14, sevengreatyouma13, 1 Starseed Point
-puzzle: mirroredself02, wewerealone06, 1 Starseed Point
-passing notes: trioappears18, wewerealone13, idol06, 2 Starseed Points
-jigsaw: marspower06, 100decks12, special coupon, 2 Starseed Points
-warped: 300decks20, channeltwo09, regular coupon, 1 Starseed Point
-mega memory: princessappears17, yourhands01
-episode guess: meetingpegasus05, smrfinaletwo20, 1 Starseed Point
-relationships: layoutsix14, supremesv09, 1 Starseed Point

-voting: regular coupon, 2 Starseed Points, 2 SW points
-turned in 5 x regular coupon: aquamirage15, aquamirage16, aquamirage17, aquamirage18, aquamirage19
-mastered aquamirage: aquaillusion02, aquaillusion04, aquaillusionsv04, smsfinaleone05, materialsone07, 1 SW point

-relationships: fierceenemy08, supersfinaleone03, 1 Starseed Point
-jigsaw: xenianrush15, marscrystal11, special coupon, 2 Starseed Points
-warped: firsttime15, winged02, regular coupon, 1 Starseed Point
-mega memory: mothersgift19, shamelessflirt08
-lucky match: deepsubmerge20, reunion02, 1 Starseed Point

-update freebies: zerogravity14, motherslove05
-episode guess: deadscream14, deepsubmerge16, 1 Starseed Point
-mega memory: kisskiss10, swimrace10
-sailor wars (first): choicespecial x 3, choiceregular x 3, present11, present12, present13, 5 starseed points
-wishing well: chocie regular x 3
-freebies: talented07, princesses04, 1 Starseed Point

*-Traded Kari (my whiteknight18 for aquaillusion15 and member cards)
-Purchased Cooperation: -50 starseed points, 2 SW points
*-Traded Joey (my aquamirage13, loveslost12, smsopeningone08, tothepole14 for smiling03, smiling09 and member cards)
-level up to two: aquamirage05, aquamirage06, aquamirage07, hauntingdream09, goodenough17, wewerealone20, dualconcert15, spacesword02, christmas0802, 2 SW points
-turned in 1 stamp card: aquamirage11, aquamirage14, 2 SW points

-Traded Hotaru (my cheerfulgroup10, kinmoku08, demandfalls20 for aquaillusion01, aquaillusion05, aquaillusion16, aquamirage12, homesweethome11 and member cards)
-Traded Vbunny (my beamshower10, burningmandala07 for genius01 and member cards)
-Traded Kearin (my oursecrets18 for homesweethome07 and member cards)
*-Traded Jenphi (my blackroses02, cartoontheater03, demandfalls04, demandfalls12 for aquaillusion03, aquaillusion06, aquaillusion18, homesweethome10 and member cards)
*-Traded Lexie (my darkqueen04, lovemechain05 for aquaillusion19, aquaillusion20 and member cards)

-odd one out: doubleoshiokiyo08, guesswhat20, 1 Starseed Point
-zoom: sevengreatyouma15, premonition16, 1 Starseed Point
-puzzle: 1000points19, gentleuterus12, 1 Starseed Point
-Slots (small prize, free spin): regular coupon, 1 Starseed point

-green cupcake: birthdaycheer07, birthdaycheer08, birthdaycheer09
-blue cupcake: birthdaycheer10, birthdaycheer11, birthdaycheer12
-pink cupcake: birthdaycheer01, birthdaycheer02, birthdaycheer03
-purple cupcake: birthdaycheer13, birthdaycheer14, birthdaycheer15
-lottery (paid livetour15): blackroses02
-Slots (small prize, free spin): regular coupon, 1 Starseed point
-Slots (small prize, wagered 1 starseed point): regular coupon, 1 Starseed point
-Slots (medium prize, wagered 1 starseed point): 2 regular coupons, 1 Starseed point
-Slots (small prize, wagered 2 starseed point): regular coupon, 1 Starseed point
-Slots (small prize, wagered 1 starseed point): regular coupon, 1 Starseed point
-puzzle: oursecrets18, revelation17, 1 Starseed Point
-odd one out: venuscrystal09, whiteknight18, 1 Starseed Point
-zoom: aquaillusion14, wreath04, 1 Starseed Point
-orange cupcake: birthdaycheer04, birthdaycheer05, birthdaycheer06
-cupcake party: birthdaycheer16, birthdaycheer17, birthdaycheer18, birthdaycheer19, birthdaycheer20, ssopeningone15, thepromise12, channeltwo04, quartetto07, special coupon, 5 Starseed Points
-mastered birthdaycheer: aquamirage08, aquamirage09, spacesword15, reunion19, doublemoon07, 1 SW point

-wishing well: aquamirage10, aquamirage13, mercuryfalls20, 10 starseed points
-episode guess: ourflowers09, tothepole14, 1 Starseed Point
-jigsaw: beamshower10, loveslost12, special coupon, 2 Starseed Points
-lost and found: flamesniper15, mercuryappears11, 1 Starseed Point
-warped: makaijusstory15, silence03, regular coupon, 1 Starseed Point
-mega memory: demandfalls20, lovemechain05
-trivia: kinmoku08, regular coupon, 2 Starseed Points
-freebies: mytowel18, petals09, 1 Starseed Point
-puzzle series(1): demandfalls12, fourmonths11
-puzzle series(2): latestart03, toofamiliar17
-puzzle series(3): demandfalls04, intoenemyhands19
-puzzle series(4): guardianoftime18, supremethunder16
-puzzle series(5): silence02, tree08, special coupon, 5 Starseed Points

-odd one out: defendersone11, silenced14, 1 Starseed Point
-puzzle: biggestfan10, cartoontheater03, 1 Starseed Point
-Slots (medium prize): 2 regular coupons, 1 Starseed point
-Slots (small prize): regular coupon, 1 Starseed point
-Slots (medium prize): 2 regular coupons, 1 Starseed point
-Slots (no prize): wagered 2 starseed points

-Traded Chii (my loveheals19, ssopeningone09 for aquaillusionsv02, mercuryfalls19 and member cards)

-Traded Princessshaman (my sketch10 for aquamirage13, aquamirage20 and member cards)
-Traded Ali (my charmbuster09, evilqueen15, neveralonetwo14 for falling10, homesweethome08 and member cards)

-puzzle series(1): mooncrisis19, narrowescape08
-puzzle series(2): livetour15, reisconcert09
-puzzle series(3): mooneternallv08, smsopeningone08
-puzzle series(4): beautifuldeath14, holidayparty07
-puzzle series(5): falling05, sketch10, special coupon, 5 Starseed Points
-Traded Canaria (my plutoplanet19 for sabaospray04 and member cards)
-Traded Sakura (my ourmemories06 for aquamirage04 and member cards)

-voting: regular coupon, 2 Starseed Points, 2 SW points
-update freebie: smiling01
-Slots (consolation prize): 1 Starseed point
-Wishing Well: 10 Starseed Points
-war: burningmandala07, evilenergy12
-mega memory: ssopeningtwo03, summoneddroid05
-jigsaw: kisskiss11, deviousflattery15, special coupon, 2 Starseed Points
-lost and found: evilqueen15, planetattack11, 1 Starseed Point

Joined up!
-starter pack: aquamirage01, aquamirage02, aquamirage03, fighterstartwo12, neveralonetwo14, loveheals19, smropeningtwo10, charmbuster09
-odd one out: darkqueen04, ourmemories06, 1 Starseed Point
-puzzle: homesweethome06, moonpower11, 1 Starseed Point
-jigsaw: pinksugar03, smsfinaleone19, special coupon, 2 Starseed Points
-mega memory: plutoplanet19, supremethunder11
-freebies: ssopeningone09, cheerfulgroup10, 1 Starseed Point

MissingNo Log

12 Apr

-update freebies: kadabra07, houndour01, natu01
-Psyducks Memory: [used no char & no pkmn] persian01, squirtle02, Haban Berry, 128 PD
-Piplups Puzzle: [used no char & no pkmn] larvitar10, Liechi Berry, 185 PD
-Unown Unscramble: [used no char & no pkmn] natu18, swablu13, Colbur Berry, Charti Berry, 68 PD
-Whos That Pokemon?: [used no char & no pkmn] metapod04, Max Ether, 151 PD
-Jubilife TV Lotto: jigglypuff14, feebas10 -200PD
-Princess Training: [used no char & no pkmn] brock07, lyra07, Rabuta Berry, Starf Berry, 167 PD
-Upcoming Decks: misdreavus14, jenny08
-safari zone: safari ball x 8
-Tic Tac Togepi: [used no char & no pkmn] swablu16, Potion, 159 PD
-Know-It-All: [used no char & no pkmn] blissey10, venusaur13, Jaboca Berry, Charti Berry, 84 PD
Traded Bear (my feebas13, geodude14, haunter02, snorlax16, swablu02 for  vulpix09, buneary08, buneary09, buneary12, buneary15 and friend cards)

-Safari Zone: safari ball x 8
-update freebie: profoak01
-Psyducks Memory: [used no char & no pkmn] bayleef09, profoak04, Lum Berry, 88 PD
-Piplups Puzzle: [used no char & no pkmn] clefairy19, Red Shard, 137 PD
-Unown Unscramble: [used no char & no pkmn] james12, smoochum14, Wacan Berry, Lum Berry, 164 PD
-Whos That Pokemon?: [used no char & no pkmn] zigzagoon13, Starf Berry, 163 PD
-Jubilife TV Lotto: pachirisu17, drowzee09 -200PD
-Princess Training: [used no char & no pkmn] brock01, silver14, Rindo Berry, Rawst Berry, 191 PD
-Upcoming Decks: grovyle07, quilava01
-Safari Zone: persian12, chansey07, snorlax16
-Traded J-chan (my gastly20, gengar17, haunter16, grotle18, swampert03, persian12 for teddiursa01, pichu19, poochyena11, buneary10, buneary11, buneary19 and friend cards)
-Traded Kels (my plusle15 for vulpix08 and friend cards)
-Traded Sei (my ltsurge06, ltsurge10 for vulpix07, charmander01 and friend cards)
-Traded Ayndin (my erika04, erika11 for blaine02, blaine14)

-Traded Mahorka (my blastoise18, poliwag04 for buneary14, buneary18 and friend cards)
-Traded Kristina (my snorunt10, lotad13, lyra08 for charmander07, vulpix11, vulpix12)
-Traded Ayndin (my brock01, mareep09 for blaine09, togepi07 and friend cards)
-Traded Kahare (my misty01, trapinch07 for ponyta12, barry12 and friend cards)

-Pokemart: fashion case -1250 PD
-Psyducks Memory: [used no char & no pkmn] kris13, jynx18, Elixir, 177 PD
-Piplups Puzzle: [used no char & no pkmn] togepi04, Rabuta Berry, 161 PD
-Whos That Pokemon?: [used no char & no pkmn] james12, Petaya Berry, Persim Berry, 134 PD
-Jubilife TV Lotto: grovyle01 -200PD
-Princess Training: [used no char & no pkmn] erika04, james11, Chople Berry, Fast Ball, 94 PD
-Upcoming Decks: gloom20, feebas13
-Safari Zone: safari ball x 8
-Tic Tac Togepi: [used no char & no pkmn] ponyta18, Kebia Berry, 86 PD
-Tall Grass: [used no char & no pkmn] drowzee04, mudkip08
-Know-It-All: [used no char & no pkmn] hoppip19, snorunt10, Qualot Berry, Pinap Berry, 61 PD
-Update freebies: vulpix03, lyra08, lopunny09, trapinch07

-Traded Shunna (my chikorita09 for vulpix18 and friend cards)
-update freebies: barry01, lotad13
-Caption Contest: Chilan Berry
-Caption Contest 2nd: barry13, arcanine08, ltsurge06, vulpix02
-Safari Zone: 8 x safari ball
-Psyducks Memory: [used no char & no pkmn] ekans04, phanpy07, Spelon Berry, 156 PD
-Piplups Puzzle: [used no char & no pkmn] riolu03, Net Ball, 173 PD
-Unown Unscramble: [used no char & no pkmn] metapod15, mareep09, Pecha Berry, Max Ether, 90 PD
-Whos That Pokemon?: [used no char & no pkmn] persian12, Red Shard, 155 PD
-Jubilife TV Lotto: skitty19, gold03 -400PD
-Princess Training: [used no char & no pkmn] joy03, jessie10, TinyMushroom, Rare Candy, 113 PD
-Upcoming Decks: aipom12, gloom11
-Jackpot: -250PD

-First Time Safari Visit: safari ball x 8
-Safari Zone: poochyena08, togepi02, hoppip19, munchlax04 , -200 PD, – safari ball x 10
-update freebie: vulpix01
-Psyducks Memory: [used no char & no pkmn] totodile12, gastly20, Rawst Berry, 168 PD
-Piplups Puzzle: [used no char & no pkmn] ekans14, Figy Berry, 58 PD
-Unown Unscramble: [used no char & no pkmn] charmander16, spheal16, Magost Berry, Blue Shard, 122 PD
-Whos That Pokemon?: [used no char & no pkmn] azurill05, Cheri Berry, 185 PD
-Jubilife TV Lotto: blastoise18, swampert03 -200PD
-Poliwags Puzzle: [used no char & no pkmn] geodude14, roselia02, Big Pearl, Kasib Berry, Razz Berry, 159 PD
-Upcoming Decks: mantyke01, hoppip05
-Tic Tac Togepi: [used no char & no pkmn] azurill17, Ultra Ball, 159 PD
-Know-It-All: [used no char & no pkmn] haunter02, altaria10, Lansat Berry, Tanga Berry, 147 PD

-Traded Kristina (my hitmonlee09, hitmonlee19, skorupi13, gyarados18, seel05, seel19 for charmander03, charmander05, infernape01, infernape11, infernape15, infernape19 and friend cards)

-Update Freebie: hitmonlee09
-Psyducks Memory: [used no char & no pkmn] teddiursa15, seel05, Belue Berry, 83 PD
-Piplups Puzzle: [used no char & no pkmn] smoochum17, Colbur Berry, 143 PD
-Unown Unscramble: [used no char & no pkmn] vulpix14, mantyke19, Enigma Berry, Tanga Berry, 103 PD
-Jubilife TV Lotto: zigzagoon05 -200PD
-Princess Training: [used no char & no pkmn] joy12, erika11, Safari Ball, Max Elixir, 160 PD
-Upcoming Decks: swablu02, hitmonlee19
-Traded Jchan (my durin berry for Aguav berry)

-Update Freebies: (Apr. 10) togetic01, skorupi13 (Apr. 03) gyarados18 (Mar. 27) kris01, mareep01 (Mar. 20) lanturn01, mightyena01
-Jackpot: purchased 2 tickets -500PD

Joined up!
-Starter Pack: vulpix05, vulpix16, ivysaur01, plusle15, seel19, misty01, moltres10, Ganlon Berry, Nanab Berry, Kelpsy Berry, Oran Berry, 500 PD
-Approved: charmander11, abra16
-Psyducks Memory: [used no char & no pkmn] psyduck10, pichu14, Hyper Potion, 100 PD
-Piplups Puzzle: [used no char & no pkmn] smoochum01, Pomeg Berry, 113 PD
-Whos That Pokemon?: [used no char & no pkmn] poliwag09, Shuca Berry, Durin Berry, 53 PD
-Jubilife TV Lotto: buneary05 -200PD
-Princess Training: [used no char & no pkmn] blaine05, brock01, Nomel Berry, Safari Ball, 190 PD
-Upcoming Decks: infernape16, ltsurge10
-Birthday Pikachu: rapidash09, bellsprout17, haunter16, psyduck05, grotle18, snorlax16, gengar17, poliwag04, Potion, Star Piece, Magost Berry, Fast Ball, Aspear Berry, Red Shard, Iapapa Berry, Max Ether, 1000 PD
-Tic Tac Togepi: [used no char & no pkmn] chikorita09, Timer Ball, 116 PD
-Tall Grass: [used no char & no pkmn] mismagius07, munchlax02, wynaut13